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Uganda Safaris and Tours

Uganda safaris can include but are not limited to gorilla trekking safaris, Uganda tours, golf safaris, adventure holidays, volunteering safaris, bird watching trips, beach holidays, agro-tourism tours and so much more.

3 Days Wildlife Safari Queen Elizabeth National Park

This 3 days wildlife safari to Queen Elizabeth takes you to visit Queen Elizabeth national park that is located in the south…

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Uganda Wildlife Safari

2 Days Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari

Spend two days in Murchison Falls national park on our 2 days Murchison Falls wildlife safari. the trip gives you an opportunity to do a…

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Uganda Safaris

4 days Gorilla, Chimpanzee trekking tour

4 Days Gorilla, chimpanzee trekking tour. The 4 days gorilla, chimpanzee trekking tour takes you to visit parks to include…

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3 Days Gorilla Safari Bwindi Forest

The 3 days gorilla safari Bwindi forest takes you to Kanungu district the home of Bwindi National park to trek the gorillas.…

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5 days Birdwatching safari Uganda

5 days birdwatching safari Uganda. Go bird watching in both Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National park during this 5 days…

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6 days Kidepo and Murchison Falls safari

6 days Kidepo and Murchison falls safari. Visit Uganda’s favorite wildlife safari parks Kidepo and Murchisons during the 6 days…

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10 Days Uganda Safari 

The 10 Days Uganda safari takes you to visit some of the best parks in Uganda. During the safari you…

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16 Days Uganda Cultural Holiday.

16 Days Uganda Cultural Holiday   Join our 16 Days Uganda Cultural holiday to learn and explore more about the traditions…

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Uganda safaris can include but are not limited to gorilla trekking safaris, Uganda tours, golf safaris, adventure holidays, volunteering safaris, gorilla tours, beach holidays and so much more.

Uganda is an undiscovered landlocked country with diverse biodiversity, culture, and attractions making it a bucket list worthy country for your Uganda holidays. With one of the best weather in the world, Uganda can be visited for Uganda safaris anytime of the year.  The excellent weather all year round, allows for existence of diverse biodiversity and among these are the endangered mountain gorillas.

With all Uganda has to offer you can-not see it all in just one visit, no wonder Sir Churchill referred to it as the pearl of Africa. We invite you to have a look at the some of our popular safaris. Please note that these can be tailored to your interests and budget.

Top trending Uganda safaris

3 Days Gorilla Safari

Travel to Uganda to track gorillas in Bwindi Forest or even Mgahinga national park. You can either drive or fly to Bwindi.

7 Days Uganda Safari

The trip takes you to visit Queen Elizabeth National park, Kibale and Bwindi to trek gorillas.

10 Days Uganda Safari

Join our 10 days Uganda Safari and tour for an insight into the best that Uganda has to offer including a Horse back ride in Lake Mburo.

Before you travel to visit Uganda or any other country, there are always a number of questions, that popup in your mind and below we have provided answers to some of them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Uganda safaris

Is Uganda Safe to Visit?

Yes Uganda is safe to visit and has been safe for the last 15 Years. You might read a lot online about how Africa or Uganda s unsafe, but we want to assure you that we are on ground and can never put your life at Risk. Uganda is safe and has been for a while now.

When is the best time to visit Uganda?

The best time to visit Uganda is between the months of June and September and December and February because these are the drier months of the Year.  During these months it easy to see wildlife and also hikes and nature walks are easier compared to the other months. However the country can be visited all year round any time of the year because all tourists’ sites are open all year round.

Do I need a visa to visit Uganda?

It is mandatory to obtain a tourist Visa before entering Uganda. A tourists visa can be obtain online or on arrival at the point of Entry.  A single entry tourist’s visa costs USD 50 and is Valid for 90 days. Clients visiting other countries like Rwanda and Kenya are advised to obtain the East Africa Tourists Visa such that they can benefit from it. The East African Tourists Visa costs USD 100 and is valid for 90 days. Follow this link to apply for the Visa Online

Is it safe for homosexuals or lesbians?

Despite the recent news about homos, Uganda is safe for Guys and lesbians, however due to the fact that the country and people and conservative, it is advisable to be discreet.

Can I use credit or debit card in Uganda?

Yes, a number of banks currently provided ATM machines where you can draw Cash. However you have to note that you will not be able to drawer in any other currency apart from Uganda Shillings.  Most noteworthy is that these Bank have daily limits and they are not readily available up country.

Some hotels and tourists accept Cards but these are subject to a service charge which ranges between 5 to 10 % of the total amount charged. We therefore advise that if you have a large amount to pay, you make payment by ban wire transfer to avoid charges.

Other places accept cash and dollars are commonly accepted. On that note therefore we recommend that you carry some cash on You. Bills below the year 2009 are not accepted whereas small bills attract a poor exchange rate.

Are there mandatory vaccination requirements for Uganda?

There are a number of vaccinations recommend or required to visit Uganda. Whereas we recommend that you get vaccinations against DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio) and Hepatitis A. Malaria is Rampant in Uganda and therefore we recommend you get Malaria prophylaxis 9 Take Anti – Malaria drugs) before you Travel.

How much should I tip while on tour in Uganda?

Tipping in Uganda is not mandatory. The decision to tip is entirely left to the client and is dependent on the client’s satisfaction. Unlike other East African countries tipping in Uganda is the client’s decision. It is not mandatory. However for guidance you can opt to tip as follows;

  • Guides / Drivers – USD 5- 10 per day
  • Gorilla trekking Porters and Park rangers – Between 50 – 100 per group
  • Waiters – USD 5- 20 per person
  • Cleaners -USD 5-20 per person
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