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Unveiling Uganda as an amazing tourism destination

Unveiling Uganda as an amazing tourism destination

Uganda as also known as the pearl of Africa is one of Africa’s wildlife safari destinations because this is a home to a huge number of Savannah wildlife with exception of a few species like say the tigers. There several types of Uganda safaris that you can opt for if you are planning on visiting the country and you can get any sort of assistance regarding the preparation from a company that has been serving people from all over the world for over 10 years. We will ensure that you get the best service and enjoy your safari to Africa to the fullest.

We do organize different safaris across the entire East African region and this includes countries like Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and of course Uganda as well as the Democratic republic of Congo.  The choice of safari depends on your interest but we can always organize anything for you for example cultural tours, birding safaris, primates safaris, wildlife safaris, nature walks, hiking adventures, community/village tours, among many others at are a really affordable price.

With help from our professional stuff, we do organize Uganda safaris to any of the many beautiful destinations in Uganda like Bwindi impenetrable national park, Kidepo valley national park, Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo National park or any other national park, game reserve or forests around the country.  We do endeavor to provide the best services to all our clients make sure you enjoy your trip and feel welcome.

Our primates’ tours include visiting some of the places that are homes to various primates species among which is Kibale forest where you can find about 13 different primates species including the L’hoest, the chimpanzee, a few baboons, the black and white colobus monkeys, the vervet moneys, among others. There are also several bird species and vegetation types. Those that are interested in mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and other primates can visit Bwindi forest or Mgahinga national park.

Hiking and nature walks safaris are done in the Rwenzori region and there you can go as far high up mountain Rwenzori as you can get. You can also enjoy nature walks to the crater lakes region in Queen or Kibale national park.

The Batwa people from Bwindi and Semulki close to the ituri forest are the some of the communities that you can visit while on a Uganda cultural safari. These are the indigenous people of these forested areas with very interesting life style that worth learning about. For an amazing cultural tour, you can visit some cultural sites in the different Kingdoms say in Buganda, spend an evening with cultural groups like the Ndere troupe dancers in Kampala, among other place.  You can have a short or long trip depending on the time you and how much you are willing to spend.

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