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Tips for budget-friendly gorilla tracking in Rwanda

Advice for low-cost gorilla tracking in Rwanda

I want to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda, but I don’t know how to organise a gorilla tracking safari in the land of a thousand hills that is affordable? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. The breath taking country of Rwanda, also referred to as the “land of a thousand hills,” provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness the critically endangered mountain gorillas in their native environment. Here are some helpful hints and techniques to help you have a budget friendly gorilla tracking safari in Rwanda. Notably, without sacrificing an amazing wildlife encounter. Now let’s get started!

budget friendly gorilla tracking

  1. Select the Appropriate Time to Go

When organising an affordable gorilla tracking expedition in Rwanda, timing is everything. June to September and December to February are the busiest months, when lodging and permit costs can increase dramatically. If possible, try to visit in the off-peak months of March through May and October through November, when costs are often lower and sometimes even provide discounts.

  1. Make a reservation beforehand

It is imperative that you reserve your gorilla tracking trip well in advance to ensure the best rates and prevent last-minute price increases. Reservations for gorilla tours can be made up to three years in advance. There are only roughly 100 gorilla permits available each day. Gorilla permits must be acquired in order to go gorilla tracking in  volcanoes national park.  Early safari booking increases the likelihood of obtaining a permit at a reduced cost, particularly since permits are subject to price increases every two years.

  1. Take Part in Tours with Groups.

Rather than planning a private trip, think about joining a group tour. Since everyone on the tour splits the price, group tours can help cut expenditures. Seek out trustworthy and knowledgeable tour companies, such as AA Safaris and Tours, that provide reasonably priced group safari packages to Rwanda that include lodging, transportation, permits, and additional activities. Checking to see if you are eligible for the discounted gorilla tracking permits is also advised. Certain categories of persons are eligible for the reduced gorilla permit fees, including citizens and residents of African nations.

  1. Examine Various Lodging Choices

Even though they provide unmatched comfort and care, luxury gorilla lodges can be very expensive. Choose affordable lodging choices like eco-lodges, guesthouses, or camp sites that offer comfort during your stay. Find the gorilla tracking tour accommodations that best suits your budget by doing some research and price comparisons.

  1. Take Into Account staying in Lodges outside the Volcanoes National Park

In or close to the national parks with volcanoes, lodges and hotels can be highly priced. Consider booking accommodations in adjacent towns or villages and making the daily trip to the Volcanoes National Park to save money. Locations such as Musanze are in close proximity to Volcanoes National Park and provide a range of reasonably priced accommodation choices.

  1. Get a Local Guide

4 days Rwanda cultural safari

Consider hiring a local guide directly through a local ground safari company, as opposed to using your international tour operator. Not only are local guides more knowledgeable about the gorillas and the region, but they also charge less for their services. Employing a local guide gives you a more individualised experience and helps the community in return.

  1. Pack appropriately

Make sure you bring everything you’ll need for your gorilla tracking safari adventure. Sturdy hiking boots, small rain gear, long sleeve shirts and pants, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, a camera and additional camera batteries are a few essentials to carry. You can avoid spending additional money on equipment purchases or rentals by packing the appropriate supplies. For more information about what to park for a gorilla safari read on.

  1. Bring Your Own Snacks and Water

It can be expensive to purchase snacks and bottled water inside or near the gorilla park. Bring your own reusable water bottle and some snacks to save money. It’s also a good idea to treat the environment with care while disposing of your waste.

  1. Evaluate Several Tour Companies

Conduct in-depth research on several gorilla safari Rwanda tour operators and evaluate the offerings and costs of each. Check for trip advisor testimonials and suggestions from other travellers who have taken affordable gorilla tracking excursions. Your total experience and prices might be greatly altered by selecting a reputable and reasonably priced tour operator. Even when you’re searching for an affordable gorilla tracking safari, you need exercise caution to avoid becoming a victim of dishonest safari operators.

  1. Take Part in Other Reasonably Priced Activities

1 Day Kigali City TourAlthough gorilla tracking is perhaps the most exciting aspect of a safari in Rwanda, the country also offers more reasonably priced options that let you fully experience the natural beauty and local culture. Explore Rwanda’s colourful markets, go chimpanzee tracking, tour tea plantations, and ride a bicycle across the country’s hills. Take nature walks, explore the breath taking lakes and waterfalls, and learn about Rwanda’s distinctive flora and animals.

In summary

No matter how much money you have, tracking gorillas in Rwanda is an incredible experience that you shouldn’t miss. You won’t have to break the bank to realise your ambition of seeing these amazing creatures if you use these inexpensive suggestions. Always make reservations in advance, plan ahead, and look into the many reasonably priced solutions that are accessible. Cheers to tracking gorillas!.

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