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Uganda increases gorilla tracking permit fees.

Uganda increases gorilla tracking permit fees.

Every two years, Uganda undergoes a vigorous process where- by invite, the different stake holders, who per take in revising the prices of the different activities. Among these activities is the famous gorilla tracking activity that requires one to obtain permit before they enter the forest. Uganda last changed their gorilla tracking permit fees 4 years back.  Hence, an increase in gorilla tracking permit fees was expected this time. Before we go into price increments we need to know more about gorilla tracking  and conservation efforts of the Uganda wildlife authority.

Uganda increases gorilla tracking permit feesPermits for tracking gorillas

Anyone hoping to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime experience must get a gorilla tracking permission. With these permissions, people can go into Uganda’s deep jungles in quest of the elusive mountain gorillas. Uganda is home to more than half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla populations. Thus making it a popular site for gorilla tracking safaris.

The decision to raise the cost of gorilla tracking permits could initially appear to be a simple means of generating income. Still, the ramifications extend beyond economic concerns. The purpose of the fee hike is to address various important gorilla conservation issues.

Conservation efforts

Uganda is committed to improving conservation efforts, which is why it decided to increase the cost of gorilla tracking permits. Uganda seeks to save these critically endangered animals and their delicate habitats by augmenting the monetary resources devoted to gorilla conservation.

The proceeds from the higher permit fees will go towards funding a variety of conservation projects. Some of these include community development, habitat restoration, and anti-poaching efforts. The long-term survival of mountain gorillas and the advancement of environmentally friendly tourism are greatly aided by these activities.

Furthermore, the increased permit costs will discourage would-be poachers and wildlife traffickers. Uganda intends to lessen the illicit activities that constitute a serious threat to gorillas by raising the price of gorilla tracking.

Despite the good intentions behind the higher levies, there are worries about how they can affect travel. In Uganda, Bwindi and Mgahinga national park which are homes to mountains gorillas are  a popular tourist destination  that attracts people from all over the world. Some people might find it more expensive due to the increased permit fees, which could result in fewer tourists visiting.

Finding a balance between accessibility and conservation is imperative. Therefore, Uganda wants to secure a more sustainable tourism model by limiting the number of visitors by raising the prices. This strategy aims to give tourists a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience while reducing the ecological impact of tourism on gorilla habitats.

In addition, the improved overall visitor experience will be aided by the increased money from permits fees.

Gorilla Safaris and gorilla tracking permit fees

The pinnacle of exploration and adventure is a gorilla safari. Providing an opportunity to explore the core of Uganda’s amazing biodiversity and take in the amazing behaviours of gorillas. These safaris offer an incredible experience that deeply re-connects people with nature.

A gorilla safari needs to be carefully planned and prepared for. In addition to obtaining the required permissions, tourists need to be aware of rules and guidelines for gorilla tracking. In order, to guarantee a respectful and safe experience with the gorillas.

Remember that gorilla tracking licences are highly sought after, so reserve your permits well in advance to ensure availability.

On Another Note:

Despite the rise in gorilla permits for non-resident foreigners, this is not the case for African citizens. The price for citizens of African countries has been reduced.  Please find below the new prices for gorilla and chimpanzee tracking in Uganda, that will take effect from 1st July 2024, to 30th June 2026.

Starting 1st July 2024, a gorilla Permit Will cost. USD 800 for Foreign non residents, USD 700 for Foreign Residents, USD 500 for African Citizens and About USD 100 for Citizens of East African Community.

Gorilla habituation experience prices will remain at USD 1,500 per person and at the moment there are only 4 Habituation experience permits available per day. Citizens of African nations can also do gorilla habituation experience at USD 1,000.

The Uganda wildlife authority the body responsible for conservation and protection of wild reserves and national parks, has also announced new rates for chimpanzee tracking.  And therefore starting 1st July 2024, a chimpanzee permit for a Non foreign resident will cost USD 250 , USD 200 for Foreign residents, USD 60 for East African Community Citizens.

In summary,

Though it may spark some worries, Uganda’s decision to raise the cost of gorilla permits is based on a sincere dedication to conservation. Uganda intends to preserve the future of these magnificent animals and their ecosystems by allocating the extra money to gorilla conservation projects.

Although some tourists may find the higher prices prohibitive, they are a way to encourage environmentally friendly travel methods. In addition to giving guests a more engaging and instructive experience. Gorilla tracking licences continue to be a gateway to an amazing and conservation-focused world. In return,  enabling people to contribute to the preservation of these amazing animals for future generations.

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