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Gorilla trekking rules and guidelinesGorilla trekking Rules and Guidelines

Learn about the different gorilla trekking rules and guidelines set to ensure a safe gorilla tracking tour.

In order to better conserve and protect gorillas and other wildlife in the forest.  The Uganda wildlife authority and Rwanda development Board develops rules and guidelines for nature walks and treks through the forest. As you may be aware by now that gorillas are like humans and they need their space.

With years of habituating the gorillas, all countries that protect mountain gorillas have come up with gorilla trekking rules and guidelines. The conservations guidelines  aimed at ensuring a successful gorilla safari without affecting the existence of the gorillas. The gorilla tracking safari guidelines are the same in Uganda and rwanda and also DRCongo.

Gorilla safari Rules and guidelines

  • You must be free of any communicable or contagious diseases.
  • During the trek, follow the pace of the Park ranger do not go in-front of them. They lead the way and guide you to the gorilla family
  • During the trek, the pace of the slowest person is followed.
  • Walk along the designated trails, unless if guided otherwise by the park rangers.
  • Keep voices down for an opportunity to observe a great deal of bird life and also other animals.
  • Do not liter, carry all your trash in the Back pack.
  • Keep a distance of 7 meters once you meet the gorillas
  • Do not eat or drink or even smoke in the vicinity of the gorillas
  • You are allowed to spend 1 hour following the gorillas and after trek back to the starting point.
  • Avoid pointing or waving your arms.
  • Ask as many questions as possible.
  • If you feel the urge to cough or sneeze please always turn away from the gorillas.
  • Avoid looking directly into the eyes of the gorillas.
  • If you need to use the toilet while in the forest, please ask the ranger to dig a Hole about 30cm from you and make sure you cover up after.

What to carry for gorilla safari or gorilla tracking or trekking safari. 

To make sure that you enjoy gorilla trekking, there are a number of items that we encourage our clients to carry for a gorilla trekking safari. Below is the list of items to carry for a gorilla safari.

  • A Long rain coat
  • Walking shoes to ankle Length
  • Long trousers
  • A warm sweater because it’s a little Chilling near the park
  • A water proof Backpack to carry your credentials and food
  • A camera
  • A hat
  • Insect repellents
  • Anti – Malaria Prophylaxis tabs
  • Sun cream.

Once you have all the above you will only be required to be in good health to trek and enjoy your gorilla safari holiday.

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