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Butare National Museum Huye

Donated by the Belgium government in 1989, a collection of items from Belgians, led to the development of Butare National Museum.  Aimed at returning items acquired from Rwanda during the colonial times. Opened to the public in 1990, today it is a great source of cultural history for Rwanda.

Located in Huye, Butare museum, is o your way to Nyungwe national park and thus a stop over visit can be arranged for those doing the 3 days Nyungwe chimpanzee Rwanda safari.    Decorated with assorted pictures, traditional artefacts and objects, tools and different craft products, the museum is beautiful. At the ethnographic objects are put together according to the theme so that they can give quality information on the daily life. Visit Butare museum in Huye Rwanda.

Butare museum in Huye

Sample Itinerary to visit the Butare National museum in Huye.

1 Day Visit;

Day 1; 

Depart your hotel in Kigali and then drive for about 2 hours. On the way you will stop by the King’s palace for an insight into the culture of Rwanda people. later drive to proceed to Butae Ethongrapic museum. Spend an 1 hour the museum  and then proceed to have lunch. After lunch, you will drive to transfer back to Kigali.

What you need for this tour. List of Items to carry. 

  • A hat
  • A map,
  • a rain Coat incase it rains
  • Reading glass.
  • A camera
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