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Silverback Lodge 

Silverback lodge is a luxury lodge nestled on the edges of Bwindi Impenetrable forest. It is a property of Marasa set along the hill slopes therefore offers a really beautiful and a clear canopy view of the Bwindi forest at the lower altitudes.  The bird watchers often find this a perfect spot for bird watch. All you need are your binoculars, sit on the balcony and enjoy the view. More to the birds are some primates like the vervet monkeys which are often seen jumping from one branch to another.

Silverback lodge Silver back lodge does support environmental protection and sustainability. It is an eco-friendly hotel that was setup using locally availed materials like the forest vines, the purple slate stones and also the sisal ropes therefore it does blend in well with the natural environment.

The rooms

Silverback Lodge Twin Silver back lodge is composed of 12 spacious and comfortable rooms categorized as either double rooms for couples and these are 4 in number, there is just 1 single room and then 7 twin rooms which have two beds in each. The rooms were built as a single row with one room after the other.

They all rooms have got their own private en suite bathrooms with hot water flowing, they all have comfortable private verandas with coffee tables and chairs where you can rest at the end of the day as you take a cup of coffee or tea and enjoying the view.                                   .

Restaurant and Bar

restaurant silverback Lodge. Meals at the lodge are prepared by amazing chefs, using fresh and locally grown ingredients from the local communities. That way, the lodge gives back to the community by providing a market for some of the products. They prepare continental dishes mainly given the kind of guests that often use the property. Local dishes can also be prepared on request.  All meals are served from main dining area and all drinks are served upon request except for water.

Those that are interested in beers, spirits and wines can get whatever they want from the lodge’s fully stocked bar. Evenings are usually perfect times for one to relax from the bar area.

What you can do while staying at Silverback lodge

There is really a lot that you can engage in while staying at this lodge.  Given its location, the most common activity that traveler go for is mountain gorilla. But you can go for activities like

  • Nature walks in the Bwindi forest during which you can check out a few waterfalls.
  • Go for a community visits or village walk. Therefore offering you an opportunity to meet with the locals. and learn about their way of life.
  • The bird lovers should never miss an opportunity of birding because Bwindi forest is a home to so many different bird species. A birding adventure in this forest will definitely be mind blowing.

Silverback lodge is one of the best lodges one can choose to stay at while in Bwindi and be certain to get value for your money.

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