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Terms and Conditions Safari Booking and Cancellation Policy. 

Before we go into the nitty gritty of the safari booking terms and conditions and cancellation policy. All us to provide you with more insight about us.  AA Safaris and Tours ltd.  is a tour operator, that offers a wide range of safaris and tours in Africa focusing more efforts on East Africa as a region.

Safari Booking Terms and conditionsWith that, we have set up a number of terms and conditions for the different safaris that we offer. Therefore, by browsing, accessing or booking a reservation through our website you acknowledge and agree to have read our terms and conditions set below.  It is also worthy noting that no contract shall come into existence between and you until we receive a deposit of the issued Invoice.  The client making this booking herein, accepts the conditions and terms on behalf of all members of their party.

Bookings for AA Safaris and Tours ltd can be made through the website or through its sub-brands. Hence, if you have any questions, you can contact our customer care team.

 AA Safaris and Tours ltd reserves the right to alter a safari or tour due to advance weather conditions or any other related conditions. AA Safaris and tours is not responsible for expenses or other related costs due to factors outside our control. Such factors include flight delays, weather, wars, pandemics, natural disasters, and any other unforeseeable matters.

1.0: Safari Bookings terms and conditions 

1.1 At AA Safaris and Tours ltd we provide services to include car hire, accommodation reservations, excursion and activity bookings and so much more. This is in partnership with independent suppliers to make your trip a life time adventure.

1.2 All information that we provide in your safari itinerary is to the best of AA Safaris and Tours knowledgeable. We strive to provide you with the most updated information for your safari, however we are not liable for any typing errors or third party information.

1.3 All our safari packages are subject to availability and can only be guaranteed once confirmed. Some accommodations, hotels and gorilla tracking permits are limited and therefore we recommend that you book your trip in advance.

1.4 Before confirming your safari with AA Safaris and tours ltd, clients are required to inform us of any special request of the participants. These can range from basic dietary requirements to medical requests that relate to disability. These should be mentioned prior to booking such that AA Safaris and Tours ltd can try to meet them where possible.

1.5 AA Safaris and Tours ltd reserves the right to amend the itinerary, accommodations, activities in the event of unforeseen circumstances. These changes will be communicated prior to the tour.

1.6 If the client wishes to make changes, to the initially confirmed itinerary. These changes will be made as per your request. AA Safaris and tours ltd reserves to charge an amendment fees which will then be added to your initial Invoice.


2.1. Please note that all prices for our services are provided for in US dollars. Hence of-course require payment in US dollars. All our invoices or services shall be in US Dollars if you wish to pay in other currencies, this shall be provided for and we shall advise about our exchange rates for your preferred currency.  In-case of refunds, we also refund in US dollars.

2.2.  Our prices are charged per itinerary and they are basically based on the different activities in the program. Different itineraries have different prices. Most of our prices include, accommodations, all meals as specified, activities as per the itinerary, transportation, English speaking drivers and guides. Mineral water is always provided in the car.

 2.3. Excluded in the price is usually stated in the Invoice. However, in most cases, the following excluded from our trips; Alcoholic drinks/beverages, Laundry fees, airfares both domestic and international, tips and gratuities for guides and waiters, Travel insurance and any items of personal nature.

2.4 Prices quote on our website or via our email are subject to change and can only be guaranteed if you confirm your booking.

2.5; We reserve the right to change prices should there be any increase. Increases usually arise due to change of rates by governments and also price flactuations due to exchange rates.   We on a better note, pledge to minimize any increase in prices should this happen.

3.0 Payment

3.1 :Payment can be made Card or by bank wire transfers or in Cash. Full payment is required at-least 4 weeks before the start date of your safari.  Card payments attract a 5% service charge and we recommend that all card payments be made at most 2 months before the start date of the tour.

3.2 All costs of the transactions, or transfers or even the 5% service charge in-case of Visa are to be incurred by the Client.

3.3; Our safaris are considered booked and confirmed upon receipt of the Initial 30% deposit of the fees. For those who require gorilla or chimpanzee permits, a full fee of the current rate of the permits is required and should be paid in advance along with the 30% of the fees.

3.4; The balance of the fees as per your invoice is due 45 days to the start date of the tour, unless if we have agreed otherwise. The days include weekends and Public holidays too.

3.5; Bookings made 45 days to the start date, in this case we require full Payment from the client for the entire trip.

4.0 Execution of the Safari.

4.1 All our safaris are executed as per the agreement at the time of booking.

4.2 All our safaris are tailored for you to meet and see wildlife in their natural habitat. Therefore you should follow all the guidelines as provided for by the National park authorities.  Therefore, we also can’t guarantee that you will see all the animals as stated in the tour program.

4.3 Gorilla and Chimpanzees tracking is also done in natural habitat which is usually a forested area. Therefore, we can-not guarantee that you will see them in plain Site.

4.4 Transportation will be provided in a vehicle that is appropriate for the Roads of the wilderness. We as AA Safaris and Tours ltd ensure that our vehicles are in Road Worthy conditions. We however do not accept any liability damage, breakdown, or puncture and delays due to the poor road conditions.

4.5 We provide English speaking driver guide, who are a key part of your tour. They are responsible to taking you on your tour as per the agreement. Their decision on the route to take is final. Vehicles of AA Safaris and Tours ltd can only and only be driven by the guides and no one else.

4.6 Accommodation

Accommodations shall be provided in doubles/ Twin, in tents, hotels lodges and bandas with private or shared bathrooms, depending on your choice of accommodations.  Single rooms are available at a supplement fees. AA Safaris and Tours ltd reserves the right to change your accommodation to an equivalent or something better. If a client wishes to make changes to their accommodation. This will depend on availability and if it is of a higher standard than the initial booking, the client will foot the extra fees.

4.7;  We reserves the right to employ subcontractors to carry out part of the safari or tour programs. Some activities are also carried out by other services providers who are partners to AA Safaris and Tours ltd.

4.8; AA Safaris and Tours ltd reserves the right to stop or discontinue someone from the tour, if in our opinion you or in the opinion of any other authority one seems to be at risk or in danger or an inconvenience to others or property or even to the environment. Once removed due to any of these reasons no refunds shall be made and the client is liable to expenses incurred due to your termination.

5.0 Cancellations and refunds.

5.1 All cancellations and requests for refunds should be made in writing and this shall be effective on the date that AA Safaris and Tours ltd receives your email.

5.2 Gorilla, Chimpanzee permit and flight fees are 100 % non-refundable.

5.3 No Refunds, shall be made for any unused services.

5.4 We strongly recommend that you purchase a travel insurance policy from your country should you have to cancel your trip on short notice. This kind of travel insurance is not expensive and frequently covers other risks. Having travel insurance is always a good idea when traveling around the world. This is more relevant during COVID-19 times like now.

5.4 The Following  Cancellation charges apply for any of our tours or bookings.

60 days or more prior to arrival10% charge
59 – 32 days prior to arrival25% charge
31 – 10 days prior to arrival50% charge
9 – 4 days prior to arrival75% charge
72  hours or less prior to arrival100% charge

6.0 Complaints;

6.1 AA Safaris and Tours ltd Goal is to ensure that all our safaris are executed in a satisfactory manner and exceeding the client’s expectations.  However, suggestions on how to improve our service provision is welcome. Response forms will be available for you to fill after the tour.

6.2; If you have a complaint about AA Safaris and Tours ltd or one of our service providers we recommend that you inform us immediately. We shall endeavour to resolve the matter immediately.  If the issue is not resolved to the clients satisfaction, we recommend that you report your complaint in writing and not later that 30 days after the completion of your safari.

6.3; Liability for any complaints not notified in accordance with the above described procedure cannot be accepted.

7.0 Liability

7.1 Clients are strongly advised to obtained a comprehensive travel insurance before travelling to come on a safari with AA Safaris and Tours ltd. We offer a local evacuation coverage in-case of an emergency.

7.2 ; We makes every effort to make sure that all the safari or tour parts are carried out as specified. However, we have no control of services provided by other third party service providers. Despite the fact that they are all chosen with utmost care. Therefore, we don’t accept liability for errors or omissions by these suppliers.

7.3; AA Safaris and tours ltd is not liable for any loss, damage or injury or any kind to a person or property.  Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect costs of loss or damage to baggage or personal possessions.

7.4; We do not accept liability or cannot pay for compensations of any unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control. Such cases include flight delays, or for majeure such as war, pandemics, epidemics, road closures, strikes, border closures, fires, extreme weather, technical or mechanical problems to transport or any other similar events that are beyond the company’s control.

7.5: Permit to enter Country

It is the client’s responsibility to obtain the necessary permits that allow him or her to enter a country. These usually include Visas, medical permits, passports, health certificates and currently the COVID-19 test results or vaccination certificates.

7.6; Before you travel we recommend that you seek medical advice from your physician. In the current pandemic, this calls for testing for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases before you travel.

7.7; Clients or passengers’ liability is governed by the respective laws of the particular country visited. Therefore, all claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country in which the issue arrises.

We thank you for taking the Time to read our terms and Conditions.

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