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Akagera national park Rwanda

Akagera national park was gazetted in 1934. However today, Akagera park is managed by African parks and the Rwanda development board. Located in North Eastern Rwanda closer to Tanzania, Akagera park today is home to most of the sought after wildlife in the world. Thereby making it the best place for Rwanda Safaris. Akagera park  gets the name from the Akagera River that flow at its eastern boarder into Lake Ihema.

Tourists’ activities in Akagera National park. 

Akagera park is composed of scattered grassland, swamps around lakes and the meandering River Akagera. These provide excellent sceneries, as they try to leader through the rolling hills covered with Acacia as well as brachystegia woodlands.  On your visit to the park, there are a number of activities that you can participate in and these include;

  • Akagera safari game drive.

A game drive in Akagera park early in the morning with will offer you an opportunity to view wildlife. Akagera national park is home to great number of wildlife /animals.  These include;  Lions, leopards, zebras, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, the diminutive oribi, the handsome Chestnut Coated impala, the shy bushbuck, buffalo, a leopard, a warthog, a spotted hyena. Above all the park has recently introduced rhinos and thus making the Akagera park a one stop shop fro wild animals.

  • Bird watching.

For the bird lovers, you will enjoy a Rwanda birding watching safari . This is because Akagera park is a home to about 450 bird species. On a bird watching safari in Akagera you should watch out for birds like; the eagles, the papyrus gonolek, Falco naumanni, the gallinago, Lanius souzae. Most noteworthy, if you are lucky,  you can spot the rare shoe bill stork.

  • Akagera national park boat ride

  • Boat ride

It takes 1 and half hours along the Akagera river.  On the boat ride you can expect to see. you can expect to see the aquatic animals like Hippos, crocodiles, the water birds and some animals on the shores along to take water.

  • Cultural tours.

Like most national parks, Akagera park too has a cultural village that is just 40 minutes away. The Hummer refugee village tour takes you to visit the local communities.  As a result you learn more about Rwanda culture. Learn about the traditional food, firming in Rwanda and also local dances. Thus,  you will, leave feeling like a Rwandan.

Accommodation and where to stay in Akagera National park.

Akagera National park has hills where client can stay and these include the Ruzizi tented camp and Mantis Akagera game lodge. Karenge bush camp is a seasonal camp that is only open during the peak seasons. Therefore, you must double check with them the actual dates.

In addition, Magashi Camp is the latest luxury addition in Akagera national park. And for those looking for exclusive luxury camps this is the best option available.

There are quite a number of things you can do in Akagera park and therefore, we recommend our 3 days Akagera safari. 




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