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To AA Safaris and tours ltd one of the best Uganda safari company. We are here to make one of your African safaris / Rwanda safari / Uganda Safaris and tours, holidays ( gorilla trekking/ gorilla tracking / gorilla tours ) dream come true. 

Enjoy the best compared to none Uganda safari holiday, gorilla trekking safaris, gorilla tours and wildlife safaris and adventure trips. Our safaris and tours operations are focused but not limited to   Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Seychelles holidays.  At AA safaris and tours, we arrange private, tailor-made Uganda and Rwanda safari trips, Seychelles holidays and breaks within East African. Most importantly our Uganda and Rwanda prices are affordable but with topnotch services. Are you looking to see the gorillas, or relax by the shores of the Indian Ocean or see the wildebeest migration or Hike the highest Mountain in east Africa Kilimanjaro? AA safaris and Tours Ltd is here and is ready to serve you and also make your dream East African holiday ( gorilla tracking tour, chimpanzee trekking holiday and wildlife safari ) come true.

With experience of over 11 years, AA safaris and Tours being owned by women offers extra ordinary feminine touch to all our services offered. We guarantee to be available when you arrive at the airport for your Uganda gorilla tour or Rwanda tour. Most noteworthy, when you need us in emergencies, we are available to help.

Office working hours to book your Uganda safari.

Our offices are open five days a week but we are available to respond to your emails and calls 7 days a week. Most noteworthy, we are always online 24/7 ready to read your inquiry about a Uganda gorilla safari or any other Rwanda safaris and tours. Our dedication to serving you is aimed at making your Rwanda safari or Uganda safaris a success. In addition, our air-conditioned fleet of 4 wheel drive vehicles is available to take you around during your Uganda gorilla safaris. Guided by tour safari guides that are fluent in english and very familiar, with all the sites in Uganda and Rwanda. All our guides have an average  experience in guiding Uganda and Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris of 5 years.

Do you have a dream to visit Africa or enjoy a gorilla tour? East Africa is the region to start with by joining some of our Uganda safaris, gorillas safaris, Rwanda Safaris and adventure holidays. We guarantee to offer you the best of East African safaris. Furthermore, our Uganda trips and tours are customised to include, gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzee safaris, wildlife trips, adventure holidays, golf and gorilla tours, volunteer tours, biking safaris, city tours, beaches and cultural Holidays.


Everything starts with a dream, so dream it and aa safaris tours will turn it into reality! As witness by some of our previous clients who did a Uganda or Rwanda safari on Tripadvisor , safari reviews and Safari bookings. 


Why AA Safaris and Tours ltd.

Uganda and Africa as a safari destination has very many companies that have mushroomed as time goes by. And thus any tourist would have the questions why use AA Safaris and tours to handle my trips instead of any other company.  In brief we have listed , some of the reasons as to why you should choose, AA Safaris and tours to handle your tour. ( Why AA Safaris and tours ) Read more 

Unique Holidays

Mountain Gorilla trekking ;

Gorilla tracking or trekking is the process through which you trek the forest in search for these great apes the gorillas in their natural habitat. During gorilla trekking, you are led by the guide and you start the search for the gorillas. Once you meet them you can therefore spend 1 hour following them and learning more about these giant apes. Mountain gorilla tracking is done in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR.Congo. For more information about gorilla tracking check out our gorilla safaris page.   Some could be interested in spending 4 hours with the gorillas and the best option would be to join the gorilla habituation experience. Read more about mountain gorilla trekking. 

List of sample gorilla tracking safaris

3 days Gorilla Trek Uganda

This gorilla tracking tour starts from Kigali and ends in Kigali but gorilla trek is done in Bwindi Impenetrable forest of Uganda.

6 Days Gorilla trekking Safari

The 6 days gorilla safari takes you to trek Gorillas in Mgahinga national park and also allows you to trek golden monkeys and view wildlife too.

10 Days Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Trek

View wildlife in Uganda and trek gorillas in Rwanda along with an experience of the Iby'iwacu community.

Cycling / Biking Safaris ;

The diverse terrains that Uganda has, has made Uganda the prefect destination for cycling. We can take you to cycle in the flat lands of near Kidepo national park, or in the hilly areas of Bwindi for some of the unique and excellent sceneries that mother nature has to offer. You can bike in both Uganda and Rwanda and trips can be organized in both countries. Bicycles are also available for hire and we also welcome those who move with their bicycles.  Check out information about some of the cycling safaris in bother Uganda and Rwanda. Read more about cycling safaris 

2 days Cycling Safari Uganda

Go cycle or bike along the River Nile in Jinja.

8 days Mountain Biking Safari

The 8 days cycling safari takes you to bike in the Jinja, Kampala and also in the wilderness with wildlife in Lake Mburo Park.

10 Days Uganda Cycling Safari

The Cycling Safari takes you to cycle close to parks like Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi and whilst on this tour you will go gorilla trekking.

Bird watching Safaris.

Uganda and Rwanda have a combined number of over 1000 different species some of which are permanent resident and other migratory. Visiting Uganda and Rwanda allows you to explore and see birds ranging from the sunbirds, to the peacocks or even the Shoebill stork. The availability of diverse habitats, in both countries, offers you an opportunity to spot some of the unique and most sought after birds in the world.  As you might be aware, Uganda is home of 50% of Africa’s birds and therefore it would be prudent to start from Uganda or Rwanda. Read more about the different birding sites in Uganda and also the birdwatching sites in Rwanda.       Read more about birdwatching safaris. 

Bird watching trips.

4 days bird watching safari

Go birdwatching in Queen Elizabeth National park. The only place in Uganda where you can spot over 200 different birds in a day.

10 Days Rwanda Bird watching safari

The trip takes you to different parks and sites to view plenty of birds in Rwanda.

10 days Uganda Bird watching safari

Spend the day in some of the best spots for birds including the Mabamba wetland and Queen Elizabeth park and Bwindi.

Golf trips in Africa

Are you a fun of golf and travel the globe for golf? Uganda has over 18 golf courses with excellent views for you to explore and visit. Our golf tours can be arranged to suit your interest and if you wish to combine golf with gorilla trekking this tour can be arranged. Please find below information about our golf, gorilla and wildlife safari combos. Golf trips and holidays in Rwanda and Seychelles coming soon. Please note that these are sample safaris and we can tailor your trip to your interests. Read more

Sample golf trips.

5 Days Golf and gorilla safari Uganda

Play golf and also trek gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable forest during our 5 days gorillas and golf safaris

7 Days Uganda Golf and Wildlife safari

This Tour takes you to play golf, near the highlands of Bwindi and also close to wildlife in Kasese, not forgetting Entebbe near Lake Victoria.
Golf Tours

12 Days Uganda golf Safari

Traverse Uganda by playing golf in some of the best golf courses with 18 holes, whilst viewing wildlife in their natural habitat.

Mountain Hiking;

Adventure doesn’t end and mountain hiking can be organized in East Africa. You can opt to hike active volcanoes, or the largest caldera on planet earth, or even the snow caped mountain that lies so close to the equator like the Rwenzori mountain.  Are you looking to hike, or bike in the Thousand hills of Rwanda or Hike, Mt Elgon, or Rwenzori for 1 day or , 2 days or as many as 8 to 9 days. Or you can opt to hike the highest mountain in Africa- Mt Kilimanjaro.  Listed below are some of the sample mountain hiking trips that you can take on. Read more. 

Mountain Hiking Trips.

5 days Mt Elgon Hike

Hike Mt Elgon -one of the oldest caldera in the world.

6 Days Days Mt Elgon Hike

Explore Mt Elgon national park during our 6 days Mountain Hiking adventure.

9 Days Mt Rwenzori Hike –

Hike to Uganda's Highest point which is Magherita peak, that stands tall at 4,485m above see level.

Beach Holidays

We organize beach holidays in Uganda , Kenya and Seychelles. In Uganda you can opt to visit some of the Islands in one of the largest fresh water bodies – Lake Victoria. You can visit Ngamba island, the ssese islands and other small islands.  AA Safaris and tours ltd has also introduced holidays in Seychelles, we can combine your Uganda gorilla trekking safari with a break in Seychelles, to go visit some of the best beaches in the indian ocean like Mahe, and Praslin. Read more about our beach Holidays.

Sample Beach Holidays.

Ssese islands Kalangala

Learn More about the Ssese Islands for your future beach Holidays and Trips.

3 days Ssese Islands Holiday

Today you will go visit Ssese Islands and you will spend 2 nights on Ssese Islands.

4 days Kalangala and Ssese Islands Holiday

The trip takes you to spend 3 nights on the islands, participate in activities, like fishing, Quad bike and so much more.

Agro-tourism/ Agritourism/ Agricultural Tourism Safaris 

Wikipedia defines Agritourism or agrotourism, as any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. In other places, agritourism, might also involve a little bit of volunteering.  Whereby the tourists stay for a number of days at the farm to volunteer and also learn about agricultural practises.

agritours agricultural safaris Uganda agrotourism encompasses a little bit of both. One can choose to make day visits to different farms and the other can choose to stay at the farm or plantation for a number of days. Uganda has a number of farms, agricultural and forestry sites that can be visited whilst on your Uganda trip. We can organise for you to visit, banana plantations, Tea plantations, Pineapple farms and processing plants, Vanilla farms, Api-culture farms and so much more. Read more about Agrotourism. 

Cultural Tours

Every country or region or continent is defined by the people and their cultures and traditions. Cultural tours are therefore a must. Therefore, the world and planet earth is diverse when it comes to cultures and tradition. Uganda and Rwanda are no exception, therefore cultural tours and safaris are possible. Learn more about the cultures and traditions of Uganda and Rwanda our primary safari destinations.

Read on 

Sample cultural safaris,

10 days Uganda Cultural safari 

7 days Uganda cultural trip 

4 days Uganda cultural holiday 

1 Day Cultural tour  

Our Top Rwanda Safari Packages

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