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Kampala City Tour & Safari

Kampala City tour Details

Kampala is one of the busiest cities within east Africa. Originally built on 7 hills, Kampala city has now grown and widened to cover almost over 20 hills that surround the initial seven hills. This is a very busy city and always has very many people during the day. The City has over 3 million people during the day and the numbers reduce during the night, because some of these people stay in the neighboring cities of Kampala.   There are 4 means that you can use to explore and tour Kampala while doing a Kampala city tour and these include, on foot, on a mountain Bike, or an Boda Boda and in a vehicle.

Kampala walking Tour
zulaika Birungi Taking a selfie with clients during a walk

Kampala Walking Tours. US 20 per person

Kampala walking tours costs between USD 20 and USD 40 depending on the number of people in your party. The walk takes, you to Owino market, Naksero market, the old taxi park also referred to as organized chaos and also to the Old Kampala, Mosque. This is a informative walk and allows to you visit markets and also taste some of our fruits, like the sweetest pineapple you will ever taste, or even taste some of our delicacies like the fried grasshoppers and also tastes a rolex, or learn how to make one.

Kampala Mountain Bike City tour.

This costs USD 60 per person and it takes you to explore through the bustling city to Kampala and also takes you to the best viewing points on some of the hills of Kampala. If you love riding bicycles, this is the best option for you to explore the city. Once you re done with the city we can organise an 8 days cycling safari for you. 

Kampala Boda boda city tour Kampala Boda Boda ( Motocycle) city tour.

Ride on a boda boda” around Kampala, including a visit of the seven hills and also the other hills making it 2 hills. The Ride through Kampala, visiting local market and important sites will to include the famous Beverly hills of Kampala, a 360 degrees viewing point, the Kings lake, the Bahai temple, the Buganda Kings Palace and Museum and many other sites. The guide usually comes with a list of places for you to visit and you will select your preferred point prior to departure. The Kampala boda boda city tour costs USD 60 per person.

All you need to do is let your hair down and cruise through Kampala on a motor cycle.

Kampala, Vehicle City Tour.

On the Kampala City tour drive you get to visit more places. These include; national museum, the Kings palace, the Bahai temple and also the Namugongo Martyrs shrine. This Kampala, city tour using a vehicle costs USD 50 per person and minimum number of two people is require.  The vehicle can also be used to explore Kampala at night. Nightlife in Kampala is bustling and this can too be organized to take you visit the different happening places. These include; the  local bars and also the high end clubs and restaurants. Drive through traffic free Kampala to explore Kampala night life at USD 70 per person.

With all the varieties of exploring Kampala, provided you can now, make your preferred choice of visiting Kampala. All options are tailored to offer the best of the city, it is just the means of transport that differs. Are you visiting Uganda, Kampala city tour should be on your bucket list of things to do. This should be in addition to other Uganda safaris.

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