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Corporate social Responsibility

corporate social responsibilityAt AA safaris and tours ltd having a back ground of conservation, we understand why giving back to communities is important not just for preservation but also conservation of forest, savannahs, rivers, Lakes and wetlands. Therefore it is based on this that we are conscious of what we do during the trip and also after the tip. Below is a list of some of our corporate social responsibility actions that contribute to the conservations and protection of fauna and flora and thus sustainable Uganda safaris, tours and holidays.

  1. At AA safaris and tours ltd, we limit what we print on paper, in the due course this reduces the amount of paper used and thus protecting and conserving the trees from which paper is made.
  2. We use reusable cups for drinking water and thus reduce the use of disposable cups. Thus reducing the amount of plastic disposed off into the water bodies and also on land.
  3. During the gorilla safari, Uganda tours and holidays we authorise guides to control the wrongful  disposable of  plastics.  Thus avoiding contamination of not just the national parks but also the routes to the parks and neighbouring communities.
  4. We pay school fees for 5 Orphans so far and now 2 of them are at the University in their final years.
  5. We participate in training local communities in climate change adaptation activities, which also increase the income of the local communities. This has been through partnerships with a Civil society Organization called Environmental management for Livelihood Improvement( EMLI)
  6. We sponsor policy development and also implementation on climate change and environmental issues through our partnership with EMLI.
  7. Part of the money obtained from the adventure activities, like cycling in Jinja, is used to fund women to obtain Bicycles that they can cycle in-case of an emergency especially health emergencies in Busoga region of Jinja. It can also been used to transport produce to markets so as these parents can get money to take their children to school.

Our Future Plans.

  1. We plan to Buy Land such that each client can be able to plant a tree, on their visit, as a way of offsetting the carbon emission while on the tour.
  2. Increase on the number of orphans that AA safaris and tours pays for school fees.
  3. Building an Eco Lodge in Uganda .
  4. Start using eco-friendly cars.


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