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3 Days Trekking Mountain Rwenzori Safari

Join our 3 days trekking Rwenzori to hike the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon that takes you to Kalalama camp, giving you an opportunity to stay at sine camp.  The trip allows you to explore the different bird life within this forest. You can also hear echoes of the Rwenzori Turacos, making this trek perfect for bird watching enthusiasts. The 3 Days Rwenzori Mountain trek, takes you through Montane Forest, Enock Falls to retire at Sine Camp, offering bird watching opportunities

Tour Highlights

  • Day 1:  Start at 1,450metres to Sine camp.
  • Day 2;  Proceed to Kalalama camp
  • Day 3:  Descend to the Rwenzori Camp Base.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:  Start at 1,450metres to Sine camp. 

Depart the trek at 1,450 metres above sea level and hike about 1,146 metres above sea level to sine hut 2,596m. The steady climb for the first part of the trek takes you through a valley floor and tall trees of afro montane forest before reaching the valley. You will cross a river and then climb to sine camp. Sine camp is made up of huts located on the edge of a ride which gives you an excellent view fo knock falls. Enock Falls is 150ms from the camp and therefore you can be able to trek to the falls in the afternoon. If you are into excellent views, sitting and relaxing at the camp would be perfect because it also offers you splendid views of the valley, the cliffs and also Lake Edward of Queen Elizabeth national park.  Overnight at Sine Camp or Kalalama Camp.

3 days trekking Rwenzori

Day 2;  Proceed to Kalalama camp 

Day 2 of the 3 days trekking Rwenzori takes us to hike through the dense bamboo forest which is also slippery and steep. As you climb through the forest, towards the end we observe a variety of forest trees that bear berries and attract plenty of birds. Watch our for the Rwenzori turaco with its crimson wings fly by and also birds like the Malacite sunbirds. At 3,000 metres you will the heather zone that is made up of Giant heather trees, that grow putout 15metres long. Later you will proceed to Kalalama camp which sits at 3,145 metres above sea level. Kalama camp offers excellent views fo Lake George and Queen Elizabeth national park.  After taking in the breath taking views, you will proceed to climb up the ridge to reach 3,515 metres, before starting your descent.

The descent will take you through a flat valley with lobelias and beautiful flower plants to take you to Samalira camp. Overnight at Samalira camp

Day 3:  Descend to the Rwenzori Camp Base. 

Today you will descend dow through bamboo forest and it takes you through the afro montane forest that beams with plenty birds again. Below Omusitwa rest area continue and take the trail to Nyamwamba river before continuing to the starting point. End of 3 days trekking Rwenzori.

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