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Elephant  Hab 

Elephant hab is a luxury lodge in Queen Elizabeth national park and about 10 minutes away from the famous Kyambura gorge, therefore offering pictureques views of the gorge. This lodge is strategically located in a place where large herds of elephants tend to graze from and guests can expect to see a number of them grazing close by from either the verandah or the pool. Vervet monkeys too are often seen around the lodge hence making this perfect to start your Uganda safari. 

Elephant Hab Cottage Cottages/ Rooms at Elephant Hab

Elephant Hab has beautifully designed cottages built using wood, decorated with beautiful painting, and the roof is grass-thatched so that they can easily blends with the surrounding environment. Elephant hub’s cottages give you that feeling of living in an African but modern house. The lodge is one of those that provide the best services in terms of meals, the finest accommodation and the friendly people thus making your stay a lot more comfortable.  Spaced from each other the cottages offer privacy and can eb adjusted to become singles, doubles or even twin rooms. For larger groups or families of 3 or 4, a Family cottage is available to accommodate you.

All cottages at elephant hub are luxurious and, they are strategically located overlooking the beautiful savanna in Queen Elizabeth national park therefore offering the tranquility everyone needs while out on a safari.

Despite the fact that they are in the wilderness they are self-contained. Furnished have with hot showers and are all built/ designed more so in an African indigenous style to make them look unique. All cottages have got very comfortable either king-size or queen beds with luxurious white linen beddings, comforters, cotton African skirtings’ as well as foot rugs that are crafted by the locals out of local materials like papyrus. Mosquito nets  are available on all beds, to protect you from all kinds of insects.

Elepehant hab Cottages have their own private decks/ veranda, with kind of African style made chairs where you can sit and just enjoy the view of the surrounding green environment and the unending view across Queen Elizabeth National Park. You can order some tea or coffee in the evening and have from your veranda.

Other Facilities:

The lodge also has got a swimming pool and it is open any time for people that want to swim especially during hot days after a long day out in the wilderness. You can order drinks from the lodge’s fully stocked bar and they will serve you from the pool side.

Alternatively, you can have your drinks from the lounge which is in the main lodge. The lounge has comfortable sofas where you can rest from. Within the main lodge is the dining area too where delicious meals are prepared by amazing experienced chefs .

Plan and spend your trip or vacation at Elephant hab and you will never regret your decision. No matter how many you are, you will have a comfortable stay since all rooms are equally comfortable.

Room rates

Hotel room rates are set depending on the type of room being booked.

Single cottages prices range-

$220 per night

Double cottages prices range from-

$380 per night

Twin cottages prices range from-

$380 per night

Triple cottages range from-

$420 per night

And then the family cottage costs-

480 per night.

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