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Kabwoya wildlife Reserve

Gazzetted in 2002 Kabwoya reserve is located along the western side of the Albertine rift valley. Kabwoya reserve also borders the shores of lake Albert providing breath taking views of the lake and the Congo Blue mountains.  Kabwoya reserve was gazette in an effort to control wildlife hunting . Hence, declaring it a controlled hunting area where spots hunting was acceptable with a permit. However , today sports hunting is no longer possible in this reserve.

Kabwoya reserve and the Kaiso –Tonya community wildlife area are  a part of the large Kabwoya-Kaiso wildlife management Area  which measures up to194 split  into an area of and 107 sq .km respectively

This reserve is one of the finest reserves with very beautiful vegetation cover which includes mostly the Savannah type of vegetation. Kabwoya is home to a large population of savannah animal species like the buffaloes, so many antelope species, plenty of bird species and vegetation species that would be great tourist attractions for visitors. There are several activities that you can engage in while in the reserve.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

What to do in Kabwoya wildlife reserve;

Some of these activities to do in Kabwoya reserve include;

Spot fishing; 

Spot fishing as an activity can be done on a motor boat and you can expect to catch different fish sizes. The most common of fish caught include Nile perch. This is usually a half day activity and then you get to spend the afternoon doing something else.

Fossil Hunting;

Fossil hunting is perfect for those that are interested in learning the history of places.  Learn about the history of Kabwoya reserve. History is the one way to learn more about where we are and also the future.

Bird watching

Birders will definitely find birding from this place very interesting since there are about 450 bird species that live in the reserve. Keen birders might be able to spot more than half this population.  With the help of our specialist birding watching guide, you might see a lot more than you expect to see by the end of the walk through the jungle. All you will need are your hiking gears, cameras and binoculars and then expect an amazing birding watching safari adventure in Kabwoya reserve.

Malachite King Fisher – Photo Taken at Lake Albert Safari Lodge.

Wildlife viewing

Game drives are the best and popular way to view wildlife. However, you can also explore the reserve  through  guided nature walk. Horse lovers, can explore the wilderness on the back to one. There are two shifts for all these activities, the morning shift and the evening . These are the best times for wildlife viewing which activity you choose. You can expect to meet animals like Uganda kobs, hartebeest, warthogs, the giant forest hogs, bushbucks, duikers, bush pigs, oribis and so many other small animals.  Areas around the lake, you will find animals like the hippos, buffaloes and sometimes crocodiles too along the shores. You can also watch our for monkeys especially velvets jumping from one tree to another.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is another interesting activity to do for those who want to do some exercise and explore the place at the same time and meet various tourism attractions within the Kabwoya wildlife reserve. Biking trails are available throughout the reserve’s savannah plains and biking participants follow such trails from the starting point and back.

Quad Bike rides 

Quad bike riding in Kabwoya wildlife reserve is also, a possibility. This is equally interesting and less tiresome since the quad bikes are less tiring compared to real bikes. Quad biking enables you enjoy the breathtaking views and brings you closer to wildlife.

Local community Visits;

The local communities and fishing villages are worth the visit to learn more about there lives. More so, about fishing and also how they contribute to the conservation efforts of the reserve.

When to Visit

This game reserve just like many other tourism destinations in Uganda can be visited any time of the year.  Hotels and lodges are also available close to the lake Alber and thus meals are easy to get and basic facilities should be available. Visit Kabwoya wildlife reserve and you will be sure that you will have the best and fun filled trip.

Where to stay while visiting Kabwoya wildlife reserve.     

Lake Albert safari lodge;

The safari lodge has accommodation for basic travelers and moderate to luxury traveler. Lake Albert safari lodge is located close to lake Albert and thus close to Kabwoya reserve. The Lodge has camping grounds and thus one can opt to pitch a tent and use their facilities at a small fee.

Lake Albert safari lodge also has cottages which you can opt to stay at . The cottages are self-contained and they are offered on full board basis. Meaning you do not have to worry about meals because they are provided and of-course, hot water is available.

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