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5 things to do in Kabwoya wildlife reserve

Kabwoya Wildlife reserve

Kabwoya wildlife reserve.
Kabwoya game reserve

Located in western Uganda close to Lake Albert, Kabwoya wildlife reserve is one of the hideends ‘gems’ of the Albertine rift Valley. Kabwoya wildlife reserve is just 300 km away from kampala and can be visited  all year round on  Uganda safari. . Gazzated as a game reserve in 2002, Kabwoya sits on an area of 87sq miles.  The reserve is part of the Albertine rift with various wildlife and other attracting extending from parks like Murchison falls and Mgahinga.

Despite the fact that the reserve is endowed with plenty of wildlife and scenic views, it is one of the least visited game reserve in Uganda. However, tourists end up missing on some of the beautiful views of Lake Albert and the blue mountains of DRCongo. On that note therefore, we have decided to list some of the top 5 things that you can do and see in Kabwoya game reserve.

5 things to do in Kabwoya wildlife reserve.

  1. Nature walks

Join some of the guided nature walk at Kabwoya wildlife reserve because the is free from predators. The nature walk will reward you with views of  antelopes and plenty of other wildlife. Watch out for the stunning view of the escarpment during the nature walks.  Nature walk guides are available at the reserve.

  1. Fishing on Lake Albert.

You can opt to go fishing on Lake Albert and there are different types of fish that you can catch. One of them includes the Nile Perch. Motor boats and fishing gadgets are available for hire at a fee. This needs to pre-organised at-least a day prior such that everything is in order on the D-Day.

  1. Bird watching

Kabwoya wildlife reserve is  home to over 460 different species of birds. Some of these are Albertine rift endemics and they include; Black faced Apalis, Grauer’s Warbler, Francolin, The Rwenzori turaco, the Dusky Crimson – wing and so much more. Therefore making it a perfect destination bird watchers and bird watching safaris.

  1. Fossil hunting.

It is only in Kabwoya wildlife reserve in Uganda, where Fossil hunting is possible in a game reserve. This is one of the most interesting activities that the park has to over allowing tourists to search and find fossils that existed in the previous generations.

  1. Quad Biking

Second to Lake Mburo national park, Kabwoya wildlife reserve is another place where Quad bike safaris are organised for better views of wildlife and birds. If you are adventure and would like to come up and close to wildlife we recommend the quad bike trip organised by ATV.

After reading through the 5 things to do in Kabwoya game reserve, you might wonder how you can incorporate this into your Uganda safari? Well, the answer is simple. Instead of driving the 8-hour journey between Murchison Falls national park to Kibale forest park, you can catch your breath by stopping at Kabwoya wildlife reserve. The reserve is 4 Hrs drive from Kibale and Murchison Falls national park. Whilst at the reserve you can stay at Lake Albert safari Lodge.

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