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Hike Mt Elgon in Uganda for 5 days. One of the oldest volcanic mountains believed to have been formed 24 millions years back peaking at 4405m. Mountain Elgon used to be taller than Mt. Kilimanjaro but with time it reduced to 4,321 at its Wagagai Peak. Whilst hiking Mt Elgon the goal is not to reach the top but to traverse one of the widest calderas in the whole world.

Mountain hiking is not just about reaching the peak, but it is also about appreciating the surroundings and for bird lovers, getting an opportunity to watching  birds , while hiking.

5 Days Mt Elgon Hike.

5 Days Mt. Elgon Hike

Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to – Mount Elgon National park. 

In the morning right after breakfast, we shall drive to transfer to Mt Elgon. The drive will take you through Jinja to visit the source of the Nile, and also Mbale tour to arrive the foothills of Mountain Elgon in the afternoon. Retire in the sipi village that Is nestled between the mountains and the later in the afternoon you will go for a nature walk to the sipi water. Overnight at Sipi River Lodge.

Day 2: Kapkwata – Piswa Camp – 2,850metres

In the morning right after breakfast, you will drive to transfer to Kapkwata the starting point which is at 2,190 meters above sea level. The Kapkwata trail is a scenic route that takes you through heath, bamboo, moorland  and thus arriving Piswa Camp in the afternoon.  Dinner and camping at Piswa Hut Campsite.

Day 3: Hike to Hunters Cave Camp

This hike or trek to the hunters cave camp takes you through the beautiful columns of the rare plat species like the Giant Lobelia and also wild everlasting flowers. On the way you will visit the hot springs and also Saum George, before you return on the rim of the Caldera at the hunter’s cave- 3,850 meters. Dinner and overnight at Hunters Cave Camp.

Mt Elgon National Park Day 4: Wagagai Peak – Mude Cave Camp

Today we will ascend to the top of Caldera, the Wagagai peak that sits at 4,321metres high. After relaxing and taking pictures we shall then descend to Mude Cave through the Jackson summit ( 4200metres ) in-order to arrive Mude Cave.   Dinner and camping at Mude Cave Camp.

Day 5: Mude Cave – Budadiri – Kampala

In the morning after, breakfast, along the sasa trail, we shall resume to descend back to Budadiri and then drive to Mbale for Lunch. After, lunch we shall drive to transfer back to Kampala and proceed to the airport to catch an onward flight. Back home. End of Mt. Elgon hike.

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