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Gorilla trekking tours

Gorilla trekking is the process through which one walks or hikes through the forest in search of the great mountain gorillas. 1000 mountain gorillas have been registered in the recently concluded census. Mountain gorillas are currently known to inhabit countries to include, Uganda, Rwanda, and D.R.Congo.  

All countries are very open to the conservation of these great apes.  Therefore, they welcome guests as tourists to trek the gorillas as a way to supplement their mountain gorilla conservation budgets.

3 days Uganda Gorilla Trekking safari starting from Kigali

Are you in Rwanda but want to trek gorillas in Bwindi Uganda. Well, the 3 day Uganda gorilla trekking safari…

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3 days gorilla tracking Mgahinga National park.

3 days gorilla tracking Mgahinga National park takes you to track gorillas in Mgahinga park which is the sister gorilla…

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2 days gorilla tracking safari Rwanda

Rwanda's gorilla trekking park is just 3 hours away from the Kigali. Therefore making it easy to organise a gorilla trekking safari…

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4 Days Rwanda Gorilla and Golden Monkey Safari.

Our 4 days Rwanda gorilla and golden Monkey safari takes you to see two of the primates that are found in…

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4 days chimpanzee and gorilla tracking safari

Are you interested in tracking both chimpanzee and gorillas? Then do this 4 days chimpanzee and gorilla tracking safari in…

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5 Days Uganda- Rwanda Gorilla Trek

On this 5 days Uganda Rwanda gorilla Trek you will track gorillas twice in Volcanoes park and Bwindi Forest park. The trip is…

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6 Days Gorillas, golden monkeys and wildlife safari

Visit one of the less populated parks in Uganda during our 6 days gorillas, golden monkeys, and wildlife safari. The 6 days…

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8 Days Uganda- Rwanda Gorilla Wildlife Safari

The 8 days Uganda Rwanda gorilla wildlife safari gives you an opportunity to visit Queen Elizabeth park to see wild life,…

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12 Days Rwanda Uganda Primate Safari

The  12 Days Rwanda Uganda primates safari, gives you an opportunity to explore and see primates gorillas and chimpanzees in both countries. It also offers the…

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14 Days Uganda Gorilla tour

Enjoy this 14 days best of Uganda gorilla tour that takes you to visit parks for gorillas, chimpanzees and other wildlife…

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16 Days gorilla tracking Uganda Rwanda

Enjoy this 16 days Best of Uganda and Rwanda will take you to go gorilla trekking, track chimpanzees, visit golden…

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Tracking of gorillas can be done in all three countries, however, due to the insecurity uncertainty in D.R.Congo, gorilla trekking in this country is restricted.  

Before we go gorilla tracking, these gorilla families are habituated and introduced to the process of receiving tourists on a daily basis. The process takes a while and for more information check out our gorilla habituation page. You can also participate in this activity, as a way to contribute to the conservation process.

Gorilla trekking Gorilla trekking in Uganda. 

Uganda is home to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas.  The gorillas inhabit parks to include Bwindi forest national park and Mgahinga national park. Despite this, the country has a limit on the number of people who are allowed to see mountain gorillas per day. The maximum number currently is 80 per day for both parks. 

As you might be aware like humans, gorillas live in groups/ families and therefore 8 people are allowed per group making a total maximum of 80 per day. Gorilla tracking seems to be the most priced wildlife activity in east Africa.  In Uganda, the permit that allows you to trek gorillas costs USD 700 per person. This therefore in one way or another makes gorillas safaris little more expensive compared to other safaris in East Africa.  

Trekking gorillas in Rwanda. 

Just like Uganda, Rwanda also has a limit of 80 people per day allowed to track gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park. Rwanda’s gorilla treks are believed to be shorter than in Uganda.  However, this applies to just some Rwanda gorilla families. Check out our page on the differences between gorilla tracking in Uganda and in Rwanda. A gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda costs USD 1500 per person and allows you to trek for a day. 

Gorilla tracking in DR.Congo. 

Virunga national park is the home to Gorilla and also one of the active volcanoes Nyiragongo in East Africa. The experience is not that different from Uganda and Rwanda. Insecurity in DR.Congo makes, Virunga national park inaccessible. Virunga National Park can be accessed through the Goma border with Rwanda.

This area is considered to be safe and you can also go gorilla trekking in one day. No need to spend the night on the Rwanda side. Gorilla trekking in DR.Congo is of course way cheaper than in Uganda and Rwanda. A gorilla permit in DR.Congo costs USD 400 per person.  

Park rangers with tourists before starting gorilla trekking Preparation for Gorilla Trekking.

To prepare for gorilla tracking, one would need to first identify and decide on where they would prefer to trek. Determine when they would wish to travel and also the time they have for the trip. Once you book your gorilla tracking safari then you start preparing for the trek.

  • Prepare your mind that you might trek longer hours. Gorillas live in the wilderness and their movement is determined by the availability of food.
  • Plan for the rains. Mountain gorillas live in tropical rain forests, and therefore despite the fact that you might choose to travel in the driest month.
  • Carry items as listed on the list of items to carry for gorilla trekking provided to you.
  • Stay away from people with infectious diseases, because you might be stopped from tracking.
  • Follow the gorilla tracking rules and guidelines.
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