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Difference between gorilla trekking in Uganda and in Rwanda

Difference between Gorilla trekking in Uganda and in Rwanda. 

Before we rush into the difference between gorilla trekking in Uganda and in Rwanda, allow us to define gorilla trekking for the new bees.  In brief, gorilla tracking/trekking, is the process through which tourists, hike, or trek through a forest in search of the gorillas. Once they meet the gorillas, they spend 1 hour following them and learning about the gorillas. AA safaris and tours ltd organises gorilla safaris which include a days visit to see the gorillas and also visit other wildlife. Tourists travel the world just for an opportunity to take a selfie with the gorillas. 

Difference between gorilla trekking in Uganda and in Rwanda.Gorillas are herbivores and a safe distance is kept for the sake of social distancing and also to prevent the spread of diseases between humans and gorillas. At AA Safaris and tours limited, we make your work easy by organizing gorilla trekking safaris in either Uganda or Rwanda. DR.Congo is usually on special requests and we can organize this only when we are certain it is safe.  So frequently asked the question, is the difference between gorilla trekking in Uganda and in Rwanda. 

Physically, the mountain gorillas are pretty much the same. However, there are a number of factors you have to consider whilst making a decision on where to track gorillas. These are;

The time you have for the Gorilla trek trip;

For those who are busy and are only these countries for business, we would highly recommend that you trek gorillas in Rwanda. Because the distance from the Kigali capital of Rwanda to Volcanoes national park is just 2 and a half hours. Therefore, 1 day Rwanda gorilla trekking is possible. Whereas in Uganda, this isn’t possible because Bwindi national park is 7 to 8 hours drive away from Kampala-the capital city. Unless if your working area is close to the parks that are in Kabale or Kisoro or even Butogota. In this case the 1 day Uganda gorilla tracking will be possible. By flight, Bwindi is 1 and a half hours time away from Kampala. However, due to the hilliness of Bwindi flights depart at specific times.  Which do not allow for a shorter trip. Hence requiring you to at least have a minimum of 3 days for the gorilla trek.

Price ;

A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs USD 1500 per person and allows you to trek gorillas for one day. Whereas a gorilla permit in Uganda costs USD 700 per person. One would wonder why double the price in Rwanda. Well, conservation is not cheap and the government of Rwanda thought it right to increase the price as a way of increase the conservation and protection of the mountain gorillas. Prices of gorilla tracking permits have been increasing for the past decade especially due to demand.

Trekking Ease;

Gorilla trekking doesn’t require one to be physically fit or to have trekked the Kilimanjaro mountains in-order to be successful. This is because in both countries the pace-maker is the slowest person in the group. However, some treks are really strenuous and they take longer. This is very common in Uganda, where some of the gorilla families are very deep in the forest and you have to trek through steep slopes and un-marketed trails to see the gorillas. Therefore for easy treks and hikes in search of the gorillas, we would recommend Rwanda as the trekking time ranges between 2 to 6 hours. Whereas in Uganda it ranges between 2 to 8-9 hours. Kindly note that stretcher’s services are available for those who are physically impaired to trek through the forest at an extra fee. 

Experiencing Gorilla trekking; 

If you are a first-timer, you might think, well, 1 hour is enough for me to spend with the gorillas. However, once you meet the gorillas you learn that the hour can run fast. Uganda, therefore, offers an opportunity to spend 4 hours with the mountain gorillas during your gorilla trekking safari. This option is also referred to as a gorilla habituation experience. Rwanda however offers a VIP experience, whereby you are allowed to trek a gorilla family alone without other tourists but of-course with rangers. This is a perfect experience for celebrities and people who need their privacy. If you just want to spend more time with the gorillas then Uganda is the best place to go and if you want your privacy then Rwanda would be perfect. 

All in all, the major difference between gorilla trekking in Uganda and in Rwanda is in time, price, and ease of trek. However, with the introduction of the East African tourist visa, has simplified things. For example, you can start your 3 Days Uganda gorilla trek from Kigali Rwanda. Or even combine both treks like in the sample programs below. For more information, on the best option, contact us.


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