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Pangolin Adventure in Bwindi gorilla Park Uganda

Pangolins adventure in Bwindi may come as a surprise but Bwindi is a forest and home to a number of wildlife species. Despite the fact that Bwindi impenetrable forest is known for gorilla tracking safaris as one of the most popular activities, other activities are feasible.  Further more,  it is also home to a great number of  trees, mammals, butterflies, chimpanzees, primates  birds and so many other specifies of fauna and flora. Other activities are possible.

Some of the animals that inhabit Bwindi are the pangolin. According to the Uganda conservation foundation, Uganda has 4 different pangolin species that the Pangolin rescue centre focuses on.  These 4 species include the Tree climbing / White bellied pangolin – Phataginus tricuspis, Giant Pangolin – Smutsia gigantean, Cape/Temminck’s Ground Pangolin – Smutsia temminckii, and the Long tailed- Black Bellied Pangolin – Phataginus tetradactly.

Pangolin adventure
Photo by Monitor Uganda

The pangolin is one of the most iconic totem in Buganda kingdom one of the tribes in Uganda, occupying central Uganda. In Luganda they call it Olugave. The Pangolin rescue centre located in Kanungu district, focuses on rescue, rehabilitation and then release back into the wilderness. Bwindi is home of the African White bellied forest ( Tree climbing) Pangolins.

In the bid to support the pangolin rescue centre, Mahogany springs has established a visitor experience.

Pangolin Adventure 

Pangolin experience is aimed at increasing awareness about this endangered species. The actual experience requires just 90 minutes  however since it includes a transfer, it starts at 3pm and ends at 5pm.

Baby Pangolin in BwindiPrice of Pangolin Adventure in Bwindi.

Pangolin adventure Cost USD 75 without transfers and  USD 95 per person with transfers from Mahogany springs to the centre and back.

This activity can be added to your gorilla tracking safari. Gorilla tracking usually takes between 6 to 8 hours. Gorilla groups in Buhoma sector of Bwindi are close and therefore, you can participate in the pangolin adventure after your gorilla trek.  Or you can opt to combine pangolin experience with Batwa, nature walks etc.

What the rescue Centre does.

Founded in 2015, the pangolin rescue centre that sits on the outskirts of Buhoma has rescued and released 150 pangolins. These efforts have been possible due to the funding from different conservation bodies.

The centre has helped reduce illegal trafficking of pangolins and also trained different communities about conservation and protection of pangolins.  Despite the many perceived benefits of pangolins, the centre through trainings has reformed over 70 poachers. Thanks for the bottom up community based conservation efforts and initiatives.

How to get to the pangolin centre?

Pangolin centre can be accessed by both road and air. For those who are flying into the area. You can fly to Kihihi airstrip and then later drive for about 45 minutes to the centre. Bwindi is located about 554 Kms from Kampala. In addition, Bwindi-Buhoma is just about 300kms from Kigali, because it is in main Bwindi- Buhoma area. For those doing a Rwanda gorilla safari, you can add on a visit to the pangolin centre.

For more information about adding pangolin adventure to your Uganda safari contact us.

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