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10 days agri tourism safari Uganda

The 10 days agri tourism safari Uganda or call it an agro tourism trip takes to visit small farmers and also large scale farms to learn more about agriculture in Uganda. In Uganda agriculture employees over 70% of people and thus contributing to half of half of Uganda’s export earnings. Though it only contributes to a quarter of Uganda’s gross domestic product ( GDP).

Join our 10 days agri tourism safari Uganda, to visit agriculture, farms in Uganda. Visit the small and large plantation farms.

Day 1: Arrive Uganda; BB

Arrive Entebbe Uganda to meet you guide who will transfer you to your hotel in Kampala or Entebbe. Overnight at

Budget – Holiday express hotel or Central inn Hotel Entebbe.

Moderate – Cassia Lodge or 2 Friends hotel Entebbe.

Luxury – Serena Hotel or Protea Hotel

Day 2: Sweet agrotourism day in Luwero. BL

Today, we shall drive to transfer to Luwero to go visit the pineapple farm. Learn more about growing pineapples, and how they are processed to reach different markets in the world. At the farm, you will participate in harvesting your own pineapple and you will be allowed to take it home. Lean how pineapples are preserved and packaged to be able to export them to far places like Japan, USA. Lunch will be served at the processing plant and then later in the afternoon, you will return to your hotel. Did you know that Uganda, has some of the sweetest pineapples you can find in the world? Join this agrotour to prove us right. Overnight at previous hotel.

Day 3: Visit Katende Harambe Demonstration farm. BL

 At 7am, you will depart your hotel after breakfast, to got visit the Katende Harambe demo farm. Learn how you can cultivate and rare animals on a small plot. At the farm, the take you through tradition process of managing nurseries, banana plantations, mulching, water harvesting, raring cows and also how to make energy from all the bi products of the farm. It’s a complete cycle of farming. Spend the entire day at the farm and packed lunch will be provided. You will later return to your hotel in the evening.

Day 4: Transfer to Mbarara.

At 7am after breakfast, you will depart Kampala to transfer to Mbarara, arrive in the afternoon and then visit the Igongo cultural centre to have lunch and also learn more about the traditions and cultures of the Ankole people.  Overnight at

Budget- Agip MOTEL

Moderate – Lake View resort hotel.

Day 5: Bee keeping tours / Animal Husbandry 

Go visit the Ntugu farm to learn more about bee keeping. They will take you through the process of harvesting honey and also other products like the propolis, bee venom, and also bee wax. Learn more about the importance and health benefits of these products, thus the reason as to why you need to include apiculture in your farming processes.   In the afternoon you will go care for the cows and later in the evening you will go milk the cows and also learn how to make butter.  Overnight at previous hotel.

agri tourism Uganda Day 6: Visit banana plantation. 

Green bananas are consumed at a high rate in Uganda and they make most of the food in Uganda. Learn more about the processing of growing green bananas, commonly known as Matooke in Uganda. Later in the afternoon, you can visit the mangoe farm to learn more about mangoes in Uganda.

Day 7:  Transfer to Fort-portal. / Visit Vanilla Farm.

Today you will drive to transfer to Fort-portal . The drive will take 3 hours arriving in the afternoon. Later you will go visit the Vanilla farm to learn about how to grow vanilla, harvest it and process it. Overnight at

Budget- Rwenzori view guest house

Moderate – Mountains of the moon hotel.

Luxury – Kyaninga Lodge.or Ndali Lodge.

Day 8: Visit tea plantation.

You will spend the whole morning visiting tea plantation, to learn more about planting tea, harvesting tea and also processing tea. This will be a half day activity and then you will transfer to Tinka’s Home for lunch and in the afternoon, you will learn how to prepare some of the local meals. Overnight at previous hotel.

10 days agro tourism Uganda Day 9: Nature walk in Ndali / Free afternoon.

Today you will go visit the Ndali crater lakes region for a nature walk. Watch out for birds and some primates like the baboons and monkeys in the area. Later in the afternoon you will transfer back to your hotel to have lunch and relax as you reflect on what you have learnt. Overnight at previous hotel.

Day 10: Transfer back to Kampala / Entebbe.

In the morning right after breakfast, you will drive to transfer to Kampala. The drive will take 5 to 6 hours arriving in the afternoon. Have lunch in Kampala, visit the souvenir shops if need be and then drive to proceed to the airport to catch your onward flight.

End of the 10 days agro tourism safari Uganda .

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