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16 Days Uganda Cultural Holiday  

Join our 16 Days Uganda Cultural holiday to learn and explore more about the traditions and beliefs of the Ugandans. The strip takes you to Uganda’s central, eastern and western region. Meet some of the authentic groups and communities like the karamajongs and Batwa groups.

Day 1; Arrival. BB

Arrive at Entebbe airport to meet our company representatives who will transfer you to your hotel in Entebbe. Overnight at

Budget; Central Inn Hotel. 

Moderate; 2 friends Hotel 

Luxury; Protea Hotel 

Day 2:  Kampala city tour/ Buganda kingdom. BL

Uganda Kingdom
The king and Queen of Buganda

Today you will go visit the national museum, the kings, palace and the Kasubi tombs. Learn about the cultures and beliefs of the Baganda people who occupy the central region of Uganda.  Later you will return to your lodge. Evening cultural dance entertainment at Ndere Cultural Centre. 

Budget: Hotel Ruch 

Moderate: Cassia Lodge 

Luxury:  Serena Hotel 

Day 3:  Transfer to Jinja. BLD

At 8am, depart Kampala to transfer to Jinja. On the way to Jinja, you may visit Ssezibwa falls to arrive Jinja in 2-3 hours time.  Go visit the Source of the Nile and the King’s palace for Busoga kingdom.  You may also go visit the Rippon falls and learn more about the cultures and norms that surround this area.  Later you will retire at your lodge. 

Budget: Source of the Nile hotel

Moderate: Jinja Nile resort   

Luxury:  Gately on the Nile 

Day 4:  Drive to Mbale district. 

Today, you will driev to transfer to Mbale district arrive in the late morninghours. Check int your hotel and go visit the Jewish centre, and Kakungulu hill . Learn more about these historical sites. 


Budget: Wash and wills  

Moderate: Mt Elgon Mbale 

Luxury:  Mbale resort .

Day 5:  Visit Mutoto Cultral centre / Walk to Sipi. BLD 

Today you will go visit the Mutoto cultural centre to learn about the Gishu culture. The Bagishu are the people who inhabit the slopes and foot hills of mount Elgon. They are commonly known for their mandatory circumcision of male adults – referring to it as a process of initiation into adulthood.  If its ane evn year, you can also get involved into the process of imbalu.  Overnight at your hotel. 

Day 6:  Drive to Moroto. 

KaramajongsAt 7am, you will embark on the 6 hour drive to arrive in the afternoon. Go experience the cultures with the people of Mt Moroto by visiting the local communities. Learn about their traditions and beliefs. Overnight at 

Budget – Kara Tunga Tents 

Moderate – Kara-Tunga Bandas

Luxury – Apoka safari lodge. 

Day 7:   Visit the Jie Clan and Kaabong Dodoth Clan. 

Today in the morning you will go visit one of the largest villages in East Africa comprised of the Jié clan. Later in the afternoon you may go visit the Kaabong Dodoth clan that is situated between the granite rocks. Overnight at you rprevious lodge. 

Day 8: Visit Manyattas – Transfer to Gulu. 

Today you will go visit the Karamanjong Manyattas, before embarking on the Journey to Gulu District. This afternoon you will go visit the Acholi museum.  Overnight at 

Budget: Hotel Roma 

Moderate; Acholi Inn

Day 9:  Visit The Patiko Port. 

Today you will go visit Samuel Bakers Port that was constructed as a slave collection site, before becoming the headquarters of Emin-Pasha and Gordon. Later on you will go visit a local community and the guru caves to learn more about Acholi traditions and cultures. Later you will drive to  Murchison falls national park. Overnight at 

Budget; Red chilli bandas

Moderate; Sambiya river lodge / Murchison River lodge. 

Luxury; Paraa safari lodge. 

Day 10: Game drive / Boat ride. 

In the morning before sunrise, you will go for a gaem drive in the aprk searching fro widllfie. Watch out for animals like the lions, elephants, leopards and so much more. In the afternoon you will go for aboat cruise on the Nile to the bottom of the waters. Overnight at previous lodge. 

Day 11: Transfer to Hoima. 

At 7am after your breakfast, you will drive to transfer to Hoima. Visit the Mparo tombs on your way to the city centre to learn more about Kabarega and Bunyoro Kingdom.  You will also go visit the royal throne room of Bunyoro-Kitara, and  Further learn more about the banyoro people. 

Day 12: Visit Katasiha Fort and Kibiro Hot Springs. / To Fortportal. 

In the morning you will go for a walk to visit Katasiha fort as you learn more about the buyoro culture and then later go visit the Kibiro hotsprings. In the afternoon you will embark on the journey to Fortport.


Budget ; Rwenzori view guest House 

Moderate ; Mountains of the moon hotel 

Luxury; Ndali lodge / Primates Lodge. 

Day 13: Visit Toro Kingdom and Transfer to Mbarara. 

Today in the morning you will go visit the Toro palace, the kingdom that had the youngest king taking the throne at 3 years. Learn more about the polite Batoro people and then later drive to transfer to Mbarara.  Overnight at 

Budget – Agip motel 

Moderate –  Hotel Triangle Mbarara. 

Batwa people 16 days cultural safari Uganda Day 14: Visit Nshenyi Village. / To Kabale.

Spend the day at Nshenyi village learning about the cultures and traditions of the people and then later drive to transfer to Kabale. In Nshenyi village you will learn about the cultures of the cattle’s keepers, how to make butter and also how to milk a cow. Overnight 

Budget; Bunyonyi overland  

Moderate; White horse Hotel 

Luxury;  Bird nest Bunyonyi. 

Day 15: Batwa Experience / Cmmmunity walk. 

Today you will go visit the batwa pygmy  community to learn more about their traditions and cultures and how they used to survive in Bwindi forest. You will also be treated to a community walk to visit the communities near lake Bunyonyi. Overnight at previous hotel. 

Day 16: Transfer back to Kampala. 

In the morning right after breakfast, you will drive to transfer back to Kampala. On The way you will visit the Igongo cultural centre to learn more about the Ankole culture. You will then conclude this tour with a stop at the equator arriving Kampala in the evening. Drive to proceed to the airport to catch your onward flight. End of 16 days Uganda cultural Tour.   

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