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Hotels in Seychelles

Hotels in Seychelles Seychelles is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa and thus it would make sense to search for hotels in Seychelles. The islands of Seychelles offer excellent beautiful white sand beaches. The water is clear and…

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Why Visit Akagera National Park.

Why you should visit Akagera national park

Why you should visit Akagera National park Before we give you details of why you should visit Akagera national park, AA Safaris and Tours would like to give you a little background about Akagera national park.  Akagera National Park is…

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Cost to hire a car in Uganda

How much does it cost to hire a car in Uganda? The cost to hire a car in Uganda, varies with the type of vehicle and whether you need a driver or not. Before we go into the details about…

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3 Days Discounted Gorilla Trekking Tour.

3 days discounted gorilla trekking Tour. Join the 3 days discounted gorilla trekking tour scheduled to start on the 26th of June 2020. The trip is available to be booked by single travellers too. However, please note that you will…

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Why you should visit Ssese Islands Kalangala.

Why visit Ssese islands Kalangala. Wondering why you should visit Ssese islands?  Read on and learn more about these islands that make up Kalangala district. Kalangala district , sometimes also referred to as Ssese Islands is a collection of 84…

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Best tourists sites to visit in Hoima

Best tourists sites to visit in Hoima  Hoima is just about 4 hours from Kampala, and it is part of former Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom. Hoima became became a district after Bunyoro was split into two sections of the south which is…

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Why visit Mabira Forest

Why visit Mabira Forest Mabira forest is one of the few natural forests that Uganda has left. Located along Jinja highway Mabira forest is best closest place to visit if you are interested in nature. It has got amazing flora…

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Places to Visit in Entebbe Uganda

Places to visit in Entebbe-Uganda Entebbe town is Uganda’s gate away town being the home to the only international airport. Anyone flying to Uganda will obviously go through Entebbe town before they head to the capital or any other wildlife…

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