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Why you should visit Ssese Islands Kalangala.

Why visit Ssese islands Kalangala.

Wondering why you should visit Ssese islands?  Read on and learn more about these islands that make up Kalangala district. Kalangala district , sometimes also referred to as Ssese Islands is a collection of 84 islands in Lake Victoria Uganda. These islands are located in the northwestern corner of Lake Victoria which also happens to be the second –largest fresh water body in the World.

Why visit Ssese Islands

The Ssese islands are clustered into two groups that is, one on the south west and the other on the north eastern section. The largest group of islands is called Bugala group with Bugala island as the largest of them all. The other group of islands is Koome group with Koome island as the largest of them all. These two groups of islands are separated by koome channel. These groups of islands have a number of islands that are inhabited by people and these include; Bubeke, Bubembe, Bufumbira, Bukasa, Damba, Luwaji and some much more. The Ssese islands have some of the best beaches in Uganda and thus making it the best site for beach holidays and also water adventure holidays.

How to get to Ssese islands.

There are a number of routes that you can use to access some and most of the Ssese islands. The route to use depends on your time and also your location on at the time.

Brovad sands lodge Ssese Islands.

  • However, the most popular route is the one in Entebbe-Nakiwogo by use of a ferry – known as MV- Kalangala.  The transfer between Nakiwogo and Bugala island takes 3 and half hours and therefore the ferry makes just two journeys a day.
  • From Masaka; Ssese islands’s Luku island can be accessed through Bukakata landing site in Masaka and the ride is 50 minutes from the main land. The ferry offers a rides every hour or so, but  doesn’t work on Sunday mornings.
  • Kasenyi route; You can also access Ssese island through Kasenyi landing site. These small wooden boats depart from Kasenyi landing site in Entebbe to connect to Bugala island which connects to Luku island by taxis.  Having learnt, how to access the island, now we need to learn more about what to do whilst Ssese island and basically why we should visit Ssese island.

What to do in Ssese islands.

  1. Golf in Ssese Islands.

Enjoy the green and views as you play golf, on some of most beautiful islands in Uganda.  For golf lovers, this is one of the best places to play golf with splendid views of Lake Victoria.

  1. Bird watching.

The island is home to a number of birds and thus this makes it an excellent place to view a great number of birds both small and big birds. Bird watching can take up to 4 to five days , because of diversity of birds in the region.

  1. Nature walks.

Go for a nature walk in the forest  to see some of the micro and macro organisms including birds, primates and different types of trees and plants. The guided nature walk is informative and interesting.

  1. Sport Fishing.

Go fishing in Lake Victoria. This can be done using a jetty or even a motor boat with a fish finer for the deep waters of Lake Victoria.

  1. Quad Bike

The quad bike ride will take you to visit the heart of Ssese island and also ride through the different palm plantations and Villages. Explore the different rough roads of ssese islands that have red dirt.

  1. Community and Village Walks.

Visit the fishing villages and local communities to learn more about their daily life. How they make ends meet and also the basics of surviving the harsh life of living on an island. Learn about school life, or even health and cultural beliefs of these island communities.

  1. Canoe Rides or Boat ride.

Go for a canoe ride and explore the fresh breeze of Lake Victoria. Or go for  a speed boat and go island hoping visiting a number of different islands.

  1. Go for Banana Boat rides.

This is a great way for families to bond and enjoy the thrill of skimming across the water on a high-speed Banana Boat. The banana boat ride is adventurous and fun.

All these activities, take a while and each activity requires a full day. Therefore you will need to spend some nights on the island. There are a quite a number of hotels where you can stay whilst on the island.

Now that you know why you should visit Ssese Islands, below are some of the sample itineraries that you should take on. If you want the trip further tailored d not hesitate to contact us. 

3 day Ssese Islands Holiday

4 days Kalangala and Ssese Islands Tour.

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