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Why Visit Akagera National Park.

Why you should visit Akagera national park

Why you should visit Akagera National park

Before we give you details of why you should visit Akagera national park, AA Safaris and Tours would like to give you a little background about Akagera national park.  Akagera National Park is Rwanda’s wildlife hub located north east of Rwanda near the Tanzania-Rwanda boarder. Akagera park is mainly composed of wetlands, a few lakes, there are savannah woodland king of vegetation and also rugged terrain encircled with terraced hills. It was first listed as a national park in 1934 and got the name from river Akagera which flows through the park. The park is a world class game viewing destination with   different vegetation zones and lots of mammals as well as birds. There is a lot to do in Akagera national park and hence the reasons to visit Akagera national park during your Rwanda safari.

Game viewing

Game viewing is the most selling activity in Akagera park since there are lots animals that you may be able to spot during day.  Akagera park can be visited anytime of the year and during the game drive you . follow demarcated tracks around park. Drives through the park take you through the beautiful green savannah lands, the woodlands as you search for the different species of mammals that found a home in Akagera National Park. You will have a tour guide to take you around the park and help you identify most of the animals, plants, birds and all different attractions.  Durung game viewing you get to spot animals like,  Defassa Waterbuck, the Topis, and the Reedbucks, there are Oribis, the Semi-Aquatic Sitatunga, there are Eland, lions, Giraffes, the Buffaloes and Elephants as well as so many others including  Rhinos  that were introduced only recently.

Akagera is also home to lots of Nocturnal animals. Some of these include; the wide-eyed bush babies, the serval cats, civets, their leopards as well.

Visit Akagera national park.
Photo by African Park.

Bird watching

Akagera park has 480 different bird species.   Most of Rwanda’s birds can be spotted  in Akagera. This diversity will give you a chance to see majority of the birds as they fly across the park. The search for birds will take you through savannah plains, the hills, the forested areas and wetlands . There are birds like; Red Faced Barbets, the Great Snipe, swamp fly catcher, The lesser Kesterel , the Papyrus Gonolex, the famous Shoebill stork among others. You can be sure that this trip will be very fruitful for those that love birds.  If you want a longer bird watching trip, we therefore recommend our 10 days bird watching safari would be perfect.

Nature walk

Akagera is also great for nature walks, you can hike through forests, savannah lands with a ranger . Nature walk is a perfect activity for the physically strong. Most noteworthy is that the walk allows yo to get close to Nature and wildlife. This is one of the activities that no one should ever miss out.  Or you can go for a board walk to learn more about what park rangers to ensure that the park is secure and also free of poachers.

Akagera national park Rwanda


Those that love fishing can also take a fishing trip to fish on any of the lakes in the park. Lake Ihema and Shakani would be the best lakes to go fishing. You can go fishing in the early morning hours and in the afternoon.

Boat Ride on Lake Ihema

Boat rides are done can be organized either for the morning or afternoon, evening session on Lake lhema. Lake Ihema is the second largest lake in the park. The boat ride allows you to view water loving animals. These include; a large population of hippos, crocodiles and other animals at the shores like elephants. The boat ride takes 2 hours , thus you will be back intime for dinner.

Akagera national park is the best place to visit if you love animals. Most notably, if you love nature too and the feeling of being in the wilderness. Akagera park is very accessible only 2 hours away from the capital of Rwanda. Hence with the above reasons, you can either opt to take on the 1 day Akagera safari, or 2 days Akagera safari, or 3 days Akagera safari.

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