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Why visit Mabira Forest

Why visit Mabira Forest

Mabira forest is one of the few natural forests that Uganda has left. Located along Jinja highway Mabira forest is best closest place to visit if you are interested in nature. It has got amazing flora and fauna that you may find interesting but also various attractive activities that you may participate when you visit the forest. Please find below some of the activities that you can participate in whilst visiting Mabira forest, hence the reasons as to why you should visit Mabira forest.

Nature walk Mabira forest.


Hiking and nature walks

Depending on the time you have, you can choose to go for a guided nature walk. Taking a nature walk in the forest, is one of the best ways to see plenty of animals and plants. Some of these plants and trees date as old as the 18thcentury. The forest walk takes between 2 to 3 hours. Therefore can be done anytime of the day. In addition to animals, you should watch out for plenty of birds and also butterflies the grace this central forest reserve- mabira.

Butterflies in Mabira Butterfly search and Identification.

With a huge number of butterflies this is the perfect stop over point for Butterfly lovers. There are over 200 butterfly species in this forest, and 90 species of moths. These guides are very knowledgeable and they will help you identify. Learn more about the names and characteristics of the different butterflies. Hence, an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful butterflies you will ever see in one place in the world.

Mountain Biking in Mabira forest

For those who are adventurous, mountain biking in Mabira is an activity they can consider doing. Cycling in Mabira takes place along well marked adventurous trails. And therefore, you are able to ride as  far as deep into the villages and even interact with the locals that live around the forest.

Bikes are available for rental, if you do not have yours. The ride starts from the Griffin Falls camp which is outside the forest at a National Forestry Authority Department facility. During the bike, watch out for wildlife including 20 different species of mammals.

Bird watching

Bird watching in Mabira Forest. This forest is one of the best places to visit if you are interested in birds. Adding it  to your bird watching safari will offer you an opportunity to spot some of the 300 different bird species that inhabit this forest.  Some of the birds to watch out for include;  yellow and grey long bills, the Jameson’s wattle eyes birds, the purple throated cuckoo shrikes, among others. The commonest species include; birds like the yellow throated tinker birds, Blue Headed Crested Mornarc, African pied hornbill, the Black Bellied Seed Cracker.

Mangabey tracking.

Mabira forest has the highest population of Mangabey monkeys. Also referred to as Lophocebus Ugandae, Mangabey monkeys are grey cheeked primates. Mangabey’s derive their scientific name from Uganda, because they are basically only seen in Uganda.  They are mainly tree dwellers and are seen bouncing and flying from tree to tree.

Mangabey tracking is only done in Mabira forest. Mabira is the only place in Uganda where you can find Mangabeys in large numbers. Mabira forest has 3 groups that are habituated and available to tracking.  You can expect more to the Mangabey since this forest is a home to other species like the red tailed monkeys.

Ziplinning in Mabira Forest.

Fly above the forest by taking the zipline in Mabira forest. Get over your fear of heights with this 250metres long zipline above the canopy. Zip lining activity is possible in the morning and in the afternoon. This is one of the activities that one shouldn’t miss out one whilst visiting Mabira forest. Zip-linning in Mabira currently cost USD 50 per person to non-residents and Ugshs 60000 for east African residents.

A visit to Mabira can be an additional activity to your Uganda safari, especially trips that go through Eastern Uganda. For those visiting Jinja for rafting trips, or other adventure activities like horse rides, a stop to walk , to bike or even zipline through Mabira forest is worthwhile.

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