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Cost to hire a car in Uganda

How much does it cost to hire a car in Uganda?

The cost to hire a car in Uganda, varies with the type of vehicle and whether you need a driver or not. Before we go into the details about the cost if hiring car in Uganda. Allow us to give you a background about driving or self-drive in Uganda.

As the world goes digital and with the introduction of google maps, car hire and self-drive in the world and Uganda are becoming popular.  Uganda is one of the destinations, attracting adventurous tourists to go on gorilla trekking safari, by just hiring a car with or without a driver. Uganda as you might be aware is still a developing country and thus not many roads are paved. However, the roads to most tourist’s sites in Uganda are well maintained to allow easy access of tourist to the different sites. Some clients usually hire cars with drivers, which is the safest thing to do, because drivers know alternate routes incase other routes are blocked, by may landslides, or under construction.

As you hire a car in Uganda, it is also prudent to know that not all roads of Uganda can be found on Google maps. Hence the reason as to why you need a driver and we highly recommend a driver /guide.  This would save you stress, and the guide will be responsible to advise you about what to do, what is possible and what is impossible so that you enjoy your holiday.

If you are in the city center, or in Uganda on a business trip then self-drive is advisable. However the during question is how much does it cost to hire a car in Uganda? Below we have listed a range of prices for different cars available in Uganda for hire.

Prices for hiring cars in Uganda.


 Type of VehiclePrice per day with driverPrice per day without driver/ self-drive
Safari landcruiser USD 300 – USD 400 USD 350 – USD 450
Safari Van USD 100- USD 150 USD 150 – USD 200
Toyota Landcruiser USD 100- USD 150 USD 150 – USD 200
Toyota Hiace Van USD 100 – USD 150 USD 150 – USD 200
RAV 4 USD 50 – USD 80 USD 70 – USD 100
Mercedes Benz USD 100 – USD 130-USD 150 – USD 180
Ranger Rover USD 300 – USD 450 USD 450 – USD 500

We know you must be wondering why self-drive is more expensive?. This is majorly because of the risks involved in terms of security. Car hire companies have lost many cars through theft is self, and thus making it expensive to hire a car on self-driver.

Cost to hire a car in Uganda

What you need to hire a car in Uganda.

Apart from the stated fees there are other items that the company will require from you ignorer to hire a car.

If you are hiring a car on self-drive the following items will be requested.

  • Driver’s license
  • A copy of your passport
  • A refundable security deposit which ranges between USD 500 to USD 1000. Card details for those who don’t have cash are acceptable.
  • Details of each Individuals travel insurance. (In case there is more than one person in the car)

Now that you know all you require to know about the cost to hire a car in Uganda. You can contact the AA Safaris and Tours to secure a car for you to hire.

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