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All you need to know about Seychelles before you visit

All you need to know about Seychelles.

Known for the beautiful beaches, clear waters, the Seychelles are far more than that. The islands are surprising diverse with variety of ecosystems and a lot to be enjoyed at the different islands.

Made up of 115 islands the Seychelles islands are located in the Indian ocean lying slightly off Eastern Africa and Northeast of Madagascar. The Main island Mahe and Praslin are the most visited however there are about 16 different islands that can be favourably visited with accommodation where you can stay.

For those looking to relax, whilst visiting Seychelles, the best island to focus on would be Mahe. Mahe island has 65 different clear blue water beaches that you can visit to relax as you watch the sun rise and set. These beaches, also have bars and restaurants. casinos, fishing opportunities, sailing opportunities and so much more. There are a number of different activities and things you can do whilst in Seychelles and below we have listed some of them;

What to do whilst visiting Seychelles;

  • Island hoping.

You can hire a sailing boat and go visit some of the different islands that Seychelles has to offer. Visit the different islands and learn about the different eco systems.

  • Relaxing by the beach.

For those into relaxation and just having a downtime, Mahe is your island to focus on. The island has many beaches that you can consider visiting and staying at just to relax from your crazy day to day work.

  • Forest walk;

A visit to Praslin will offer you an oportuity for a nature walk in the Vallée de Mai forest. The guided nature walk will teach you more about wildlife, flora and fauna of the island. Not missing the obvious Coco-de-Mer palm which produces fruits that are Nature’s exact replica of the female pelvis. The island also has plenty of birds for bird lovers.

  • Cultural Tour in Seychelles

Visit the La Digue Island that is just 30minutes ride by ferry from Praslin. This is more of a magical island, and one of the  best islands in Seychelles where you can enjoy island life and traditions at its best. The major form of transport on this island are ox-cart s and bicycles. Enjoy the slow life on this island compared to the rest of the world.

  • Snorkelling;

50% of Seychelles, is classifieds a nature reserves and thus snorkelling will allow you explore a number of sea creatures.  Snorkeling is commonly done in the major islands of Victoria, Praslin, and La-digue. However, the other islands that are excellent for snorkelling and viewing hawksbill sea turtles include the coco island, felicite and Grand Soeur to mention but a few.

  • Helicopter Rides;

You can go for helicopter rides, around the island and explore the beautiful islands from Air. For those interested in island hoping this can be done using a helicopter.

  • Ziplinning in Seychelles.

Whilst in Seychelles, you can go zip-lining on the 8 zip-lines that range from 85 to 120 metres. Those who want to feel the adrenaline rash, this is one of the activities you must consider doing. The Zip-line is located at Constance Ephelia resort on Mahe Island. The Ziplines run over a green forest canopy with impressive granite boulders of Mahe forest. Thus, if you take a ride on this biplane you will be going over a forest cover.

  • Victoria City Tour;

Visit Victoria, one of the smallest capital city in the world and experience the streets and markets of the capital of Seychelles. The walk through the city allows, you to experience the city, meet the locals and also visit some of the historical sites in the city.

  • Parasailing;

For those not afraid of heights, you can go Parasailing along the Beau Vallon beach. Beau vallon is the place that is popular for all water activities. Parasailing can take about 5 minutes.

Best Time to Visit Seychelles

The Seychelles islands, have a year long warm tropical temperature and therefore anytime is good to visit hence you can visit Seychelles all year round. However, if you are targeting some activities, like   the Kreol festival or the Fishing competition then we recommend you travel in October and November respectively. Check out the best time to travel per activity.  After that, you will have an idea of when to travel given you activity interest whilst visiting Seychelles.

Activity  Best time to travel. 
Bird watching April because its a breeding Season , and Sept / Oct
Hiking and Nature walkMay – September
Fishing Oct – April
Surfing / WindsurfingMay – September
SnorkellingJanuary to December
SailingJanuary to December
SwimmingJanuary to December
DivingMarch- May / September – November

What to pack for your Seychelles holiday

The temperatures on the island are relatively hot and some times humid with plenty of sun. Therefore below we have listed a number of items that are a must carry whilst visiting Seychelles.

  • Light Clothings ( T-shirts and Shorts)
  • A sweater
  • Sun glassese
  • A hut
  • Swim suits and plenty of these
  • UV light protection- SPF30+
  • Camera to capture the experience
  • Walking shoes if you intend to do nature walks
  • Casual evening wears – Long trousers for men and appropriate foot wear ( If you wear beach clothings you might be bounced back).

Where to stay in Seychelles.

There are a number of hotels that are worth considering or staying at whilst visiting the Seychelles. Since Mahe island is usually the first stop, we have listed some of the hotels that you can stay at;

  • Coral Strand
  • The H Resort
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Savoy
  • Berjaya Beau Vallon
  • Villa de roses
  • Oceanic view apartments
  • Avani Seychelles resort
  • Beau Vallon villa apartments
  • Le Chateau bleu. For more information about hotels in Seychelles, click this link.

The Do’s and don’ts in Seychelles.

Every place, has taboos and do’s ad don’ts, so Seychelles is no exception. Please find below information about the do’s and don’ts of Seychelles island.

  • Despite the low crime rate, it is advisable not to carry large sums of cash and important items like passport. Keep them in the safe’s provided by most hotels.
  • Avoid changing all your cash into Seychelles Rupees, change just what you need and you can have the rest in euro’s as this is a widely accepted currency on the island.
  • Make use of authorised forest bureaus at the airport or even at the hotels. Avoid exchanging money on the black market vendors.
  • Avoid staying in unlicensed tourism premises- thereby avoiding disappointing experiences.
  • It is advisable to avoid walking alone at night or along secluded beaches alone. And if you are going out at night alone, it would be important to inform the hotel just incase.
  • Do not lie in the sun without sunscreen, the sun is strong and therefore this might result into severe side effects.
  • Do not litter anywhere apart from bins. If you can’t find a bin close to you then carry your rubbish back to the hotel.
  • Note; Nature Is fragile, therefore walk carefully on reefs, Do not fee any sea animals, be it mammals, turtles or even birds. Avoid disturbing the nesting grounds of animals.
  • Resist from collecting shells along beaches, as these might be used for habituation by hermit crabs. So just admire and let nature take its course.
  • Night clubs have a dress code, therefore dress appropriately

In conclusion, if you follow those dos and don’ts we are sure you will enjoy your stay and want to come back every other time. For those visiting Uganda on a gorilla trekking safari, this would be the best addition to relax. It is very easy to connect to Seychelles from Entebbe. For more information contact us to organise.

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