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Countries Close Borders due to COVID_19

Countries close Borders and Flights Stop operations. East Africa had not recorded any cases of the COVID_19 by the 10th of March. However as we moved to the late March countries started registering cases and Kenya was the first in…

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Nyero rock paintings in Uganda

Nyero Rock Paintings; Nyero rock paintings are believed to date before the year 1250 CE although they were first documented in 1913. Described by researches as geometric by nature Nyero rock paintings-rock art is part of a homogeneous tradition. The…

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Why you should visit Kidepo National park.

Why you should visit Kidepo national park. Located in northern Uganda in the semi-arid valleys is Kidepo national park. Kidepo valley national park was gazetted as a national park in the year 1962. The same year Uganda became independent of…

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