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What to do during COVID_19 lockdown

What to do during the COVID_19 Lockdown. 

Lockdowns are the order of the day and so we wonder about what to do during COVID_19 lockdown. As countries fight the deadly coronavirus and as the medical professionals work 24/7 to mange the situation and also research about the possible vaccine and medication. Countries are only left with one solution to reduce the spread of the disease and that is total lock down. Total lockdown means everyone stays home to reduce the spread of the virus. More so, the only exempted from this  are the health workers and grocery store workers, the postal service workers and also funeral service companies. The rest of us must stay home. 

Most of us are so used to working and all of a sudden, you are stopped and left with a lot of  free time. African countries are some of the countries in lockdowns and also extended their lockdowns to months some weeks and other countries intend to do so. In the beginning for example in Uganda at first it was just a 14 days lockdown , but now this has graduated to a a 3 weeks lock downs, since we do not know what the future holds, and you are wondering what you can do during this Coronavirus lockdown. Below we have listed a number of thing to do during the lockdown. 

What to do during the COVID_19 Lockdown1.  Read a book. 

Africans are not so good at reading books and therefore this is the best time to start reading a book. There are different kinds of books you can read, fiction, self help and novels.  The best book to read during this time are Self help book, because by the time this whole shred ends , you will atleast be happy that you added more self help knowledge and will be ready to implement this in the struggle world after the COVID_19 Pandemic. 

2. Sign up for an Online Course. 

Today the world has gone digital and did you know that you can do a Masters degree online. For example there are many companies offering masters in business administration online. There are short courses , in management , may be project development , marketing or even fundraising that you can take on to enrich yourself with the current status and also improve you understanding of different things. Take a short course and add something to your CV. 

What to do during Covid_19 Lockdown
Coconut cake

3. Learn how to prepare a new dish. 

We all have a favourite dish that we would like to have at home, but do not know how to prepare it or that we rarely have time to prepare it. Well, now that time is available and you can also find the recipes online, go at it. Try preparing it, the more you prepare it the more perfect you become and the easier it will be in future to prepare. Have you longed for the fresh pastor, or mashed potatoes, or even smashed matooke banana leaves, or even making the freshly based coconut cake. Well, this COVID_9 lockdown is the prefect time to either perfect or even learn one of your favourite dishes. 

4.  Clean up. 

Because of the different schedules that we have, we always clean what we can. More so, we rarely do general cleaning where we turn things upside down to remove the clogged dust. Now you have a week or 3 weeks or a month to do the general cleaning. Go at it and remove all that is hidden that usually brings bugs into your house. Clean, fumigate and also re-organise your house. Aren’t you tired of your bed blocking the window, this is the perfect time to move it and also get a new look of your living room. 

what do to during COVID_19 Lockdown.
Social Media marketing

5. Improve your online prescience. 

If you are a business owner and think you are out of business because of the lockdown. Now, this is the best time. Make sure that you figure out how best you can go or increase your online prescience. Especially since, it has been proven that people, spend more time on their phones or computers. Hence, its would be prefect to increase your presence online. Create a Facebook account, create a twitter account and also advertise your services to everyone.  Who in this error is watching their phones to find out what’s new about the corona virus. Proof that people are spending more time on, social media account is when facebook said, that the are overwhelmed within the daily sign in during this lockdown. So if you do not use this opportunity to let people know that you are in business. it will be your loss.

6. Plan and Book Your Next Trip.

Yes, we do not know when this whole situation will end. However, we are hopeful that it will end putting all hope in medical researchers. This will mean that after the long lock down you will feel like traveling.  May be in 2021 and appreciate the free world that we get to explore. Trips like a Uganda gorilla trekking safari would be perfect because this is a once in a life time trip that you must take and the best time to start organising it and also planning to book it is now during the lock down.

This is because you will have enough time to read and understand everything that is being offered and you can get the trip at lower rates which would make you save at least 20 to 30 % of the standard fees. You might not book, but discussing it with an agent is one way that gives hope, where we seem hopeless.  Planning. Future trip now motivates you to be care stay home and plan to travel tomorrow.

There are a number of different other things you can do during this lock down and therefore, it is your duty to explore them.  Always remember that the best inventions came true during the trying times. If you ahem an idea, now is the time to best develop it, you never know you might become the next Mark Zuckerberg

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