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Uganda to open Entebbe Airport this October After COVID-19 Lockdown

Uganda to open Entebbe Airport this October after COVID-19 Lockdown.

Uganda to open Entebbe airport this October after COVID-19 lockdown. The Pearl of Africa -Uganda like other countries had to enforce a lockdown as a way to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Uganda has decided to re-open its borders, because closing the borders seemed to have controlled less compared to what was anticipated. Before the total lockdown, Uganda had zero cases of coronavirus infections, however by the time, they opened up, there were over 300 new cases available in the country. Uganda has been closed for over 6 months and it finally set a date for opening the airport to tourists. We can therefore resume our Uganda safaris or even adventure holidays or Uganda tours.

Current COVID-19 Status as of status:

Uganda has so far made slight over 453,593 a soft 20th September since the pandemic began. The total cases confirmed as of 20th Sept 2020 are 6,468 cases with 2,731recoveries. The country has so far only recorded 63 death only.  Uganda is one of the countries in Africa with the least death cases and this has been attributed to a better way of following the standard World health organization operation procedures. 

Airport and boarder opening dates. 

Before going into the nitty-gritty of the status of the pandemic in Uganda, I am sure you would like to find out when the country is opening its borders. Uganda has set the 1st of October, to resume, scheduled flights, and also open all its borders. In order to ensure that there are limited new infections as a result of opening borders. Below are some of the standard operating procedures put in place or what you should know before you travel. 

Before you travel anytime after 1st October, the following are the things you should know. 

  • COVID 19 Test:

    A negative COVID-19 PCR test that is valid for 72 hours is required on arrival at Entebbe airport for all travelers.  Whereas those departing from Entebbe airport require a negative test that is valid for at most 10 days. Therefore, this means that for those doing a Uganda tour or gorilla safari that is 10 or more days, you will need to obtain another test along the way whilst on the Uganda Safari.  

  • Prepare for delays at the airport

    Most noteworthy is that due to COVID-19 health checks you have to go through, you are advised to book immediate travel upcountry.  This is because you might be delayed on arrival. We advise that you book a hotel to stay in for your pre-tour such that you are not in a rash on arrival. For those departing through Entebbe Airport, it is advisable to arrive at least 4 hours before your departure time. 

  • Health Checks:

    Be prepared to go through the different health checks, which involve temperature checks, analyzing whether one has symptoms of flu or fever. Please also note that Masks are mandatory and washing hands and also sanitizing will be mandatory at all the different check-in points.  If your temperature is above normal, you might be asked to take another test at your own expense. 

  • Safari Vehicles;

    Individuals in one safari vehicle are to be limited as a way to reduce the spread of the virus. Our vehicles usually carry 8 people, will be allowed to carry about 4 people. This will be another way of ensuring social distancing.  So this will in a way affect the final prices of our safaris including gorilla trekking safaris. 

As we wait on the scientist to find a vaccine we need to adapt to the new normal.  Thereby exploring the world freely but safely. We hope that the vaccine will be identified so we can go back to normal as soon as possible. AA Safaris and Tours ltd look to take you to explore Uganda on a safari. And also meet newly born mountain gorillas (Quarantine gorilla babies).

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