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Uganda Launches golf safaris

Uganda launches golf safaris.

As Uganda advances in its tourism and travel marketing skills. Uganda has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, especially when It comes to wildlife.  However, there are other sections of the tourism industry that are yet to be explored for example sports tourism. In efforts to promote sports tourism, Uganda tourism board ( UTB) has signed an MOU with the Uganda Golf Union to kick start the promotion of golf tourism or golf safaris in Uganda.

Launched on the 18thof Feb 2019 at the Uganda golf club in Kitante. The partnerships comes at a point in time when the Uganda golf tour  is set to start on the 30th of March 2019.  This partnership is meant to promote Uganda as a golf tourism destination. This is  in additional to the country being a great wildlife and gorilla safari destination.  The golf tour is meant to traverse the country and promote the different 18 golf courses that the Uganda has.  Of the 18 golf courses listed, Uganda has 6 of them with 18 hole and others are 9 hole golf courses with extra ordinary sceneries and sites.

Uganda golf safaris The president of the Uganda Golf Union;

According to Mr, Kahika the president of the Uganda Golf Union ( UGU), he expressed the importance of golf and how golf is not just a 45 minutes’ activity but one that can take the entire day or even two days.  Golf and tourism are so much related because first of all, before you go play golf, you need to identify a golf course, that you prefer. This will also mean that you will need accommodation and also transfers to the golf course. Thereby making this relationship beneficial.

The president of the UGU, Innocent Kihika expressed his gratitude towards the partnership to UTB and also took time off to illustrate the relationship between golf and tourism. Most notably as stated by the outgoing Executive director of Uganda Tourism Board.  Mr. Assiimwe said, “Most of the golf courses are uniquely placed closer to tourists attraction sites”. For example, there is one closer to Bwindi impenetrable forest in Kihihi, making it easy to play golf and also track the gorillas.  More so, there is one adjacent to Mt Elgon park, near sip falls in Mbale. In addition to the ones in Kampala, and Entebbe near the Uganda wildlife education centre, and also Ngamba island.  Therefore, making it easier for golfers, to visit these tourists’ attraction, try an example of our 5 days’ gorillas and golf safari.

Why golf tourism is Uganda.

Mr, Assimwe informed journalists that they want the golfers not to just stay at the golf courses. Rather to go beyond and combine their Uganda golf experience with gorilla safaris. Or with a city tour or just shopping.

Uganda wants to tap into the global golf tourism that contributes about USD 20 billion annually. The tourism board also plans to use this avenue to  holiday makers. Uganda unlike Europe and the Americas, has the prefect climate all year round for golf. UTB and UGU partnership therefore comes at the right time.  Especially now, when the rest of the world is experiencing a polar vortex. Therefore this means they are looking for holiday destination, with golf holiday experiences / golf safaris.

UTB is going to sponsor the primeir golf tour at a tune of 50 million Uganda shillings. The golf tour is aimed at  showcasing the different golf course. More so, to show case what can be done in addition to playing golf.  AA safaris and tours ltd welcomes this promotion, as it has been promoting golf and gorilla safaris privately. Hence, looking forward to welcoming golfers to Uganda on some of our Uganda golf safaris.




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