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Bird watching in Uganda

Bird watching in Uganda.

Uganda has noticed an increase in numbers of tourists’ but majorly because of gorilla trekking safaris. However little do visitors know that Uganda is a gem when it comes to bird watching safaris. Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa as suggested by Sir Winston Churchhill, because of it’s diverse habitats. Uganda is blessed with habitats like savannahs, lowland, montane, rainforests, wetlands, volcanoes, semi-desserts and afro0alpine zone. These different habitats make bird watching in Uganda the best, because they house different species of birds. Lucky enough it is very easy to access all these habitats, therefore making bird watching in Uganda easy.

Birdwatching in Uganda.
Shoebill Stork

The diverse habitats contribute to the existence of over 1000 different species of birds that have been recorded. In relation to the global level, only one bird is endemic to Uganda and that is the Fox weaver, however in relation to its fellow east African countries therefore are 150 different species of birds that are endemic to Uganda.  Unique to Uganda in relation to east Africa as a region, are 3 nightjars, 3 cuckoos, 11 warblers, 10 flycatchers, 8 weavers, 8 finches, 20 hornbills species, 8 sunbirds, 4 pigeons, 3 sparrow hawks, and 3 kingfishers and so much more.

Why go bird watching in Uganda.

Uganda has a variety of species and most important the region is developed for bird watching as trails have been developed even in the impassable areas. Birding in wetlands can be organised along the different trails, and even on canoes. All rainforests of Uganda have been developed for tourism making bird watching easy and very possible in these natural habitats.  There are a number of sites that you should consider visiting whilst on a bird watching safari in Uganda. These include; the mabamba wetland in Entebbe, Queen Elizabeth national park, Budongo forest, Bwindi forest and Kibale forest park.

birdwatching in Uganda Most notably, is that most of the sites are tourists site and therefore offering you a chance to view wildlife as you search for birds. Queen Elizabeth national park has been identified to have over 600 different species of birds and thus one is able to spot over 200 bird species in a day. All bird watching, sites are well developed for tourism. Hotels and lodges are available to provide accommodations for longer stays.

Bwindi national park has 350 different species of birds and is also home to gorillas therefore, for gorilla tracking enthusiasts this offer you an opportunity to see gorillas and also spot some birds whilst trekking gorillas.

Birdwatching in Uganda
Fox’s Weaver

Uganda has an excellent weather all year round. Therefore making Bird watching in Uganda possible all year round. Although some species are easier to spot in certain months.

List of Some Birds you should expect to See in Uganda.

  • Shoebill stork,
  • Ostrich,
  • Hamerkop,
  • Giant King fishers
  • Pelicans
  • Goliath Heron
  • Marabou Stork
  • Grey Crowned Crane
  • African Grey Parro
  • Black bee Eater,
  • Papyrus Gonoleke and So Much More.
  • White winged warbler
  • Africa Broad Bill,
  • Abyssinian Ground-thrush
  • Brown-crowned Tchagra,
  • African Citril,
  • Brown-throated wattle-eye,
  • African Fish Eagle,
  • African broadbill,
  • Great Blue Turaco
  • red-billed Fire Finch,
  • Heuglin’s Francolin.

The list is very long, however for bird lovers, Uganda is a paradise on earth and we recommend you stay as long as you can.  On average two weeks should be great to start with. Given the fact that Uganda has almost 50% of Africa’s bird species. Therefore, making Uganda the best place to start your bird watching adventure on the African continent. For more information about bird watching you can contact or check out our 12 days Uganda bird watching safari.

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