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What you need to Know before you Hire a Car in Uganda.

What you need to Know before you Hire a Car in Uganda.

Uganda has a number of vehicles that you can hire to drive around the country. You can opt to hire a car in Uganda on self-drive or with a driver to drive you around. However, before you hire a car, these are the important factors you should know about the vehicles, you hire.

Hire a Car in Uganda.
Toyota RAV4

Different cars cost different Prices.

Cars, are charged according to the model, size and capabilities. However, the country has all kinds of vehicles to include; RAV4s, Landcruisers, Safari Vans, Mercedes Benzs and so much more. Different types of vehicles are charged differently however the cheapest and most commonly asked car is the RAV 4, which cost between USD 45 to USD 60 per day.

Comprehensive Insurance;

All cars must have comprehensive insurance, to cater for all accidents or any unforeseen circumstances. Always ask this upfront from the service provider whether the car has  comprehensive insurance. Please note that despite the fact that cars have a comprehensive insurance, this insurance has limits. For example, that can say that they cover damages to a certain amount and therefore, in-case of any extras you the client covers them.

Hire a Car in uganda
Safari Landcruiser.

Service should be upto date;

Always check the service card, to see whether the service is upto date , before you travel. This is because sometimes, you might be travelling to an upcountry destination, where service points are limited and thus incase of any breakdown. Therefore, before you hire a car, you must ensure that it is serviced.

Hire a driver;

Instead of going through the stress of worrying about how to get to a place, of which some are not even on google maps. We recommend that whilst hiring a car in Uganda, you should, also request for a driver guide. Some, places have poor network and thus connecting on google maps might be a problem and you end up not finding your place on interest. More so, the national parks, have quite a number of entrances and starting point, depending on what you are doing; For example; gorilla tracking is done in four sectors, and therefore identifying the right start point, might be a problem since not all start points are on google maps. Therefore, we recommend to get a driver.

Hire a car in Uganda

Know the Type of Fuel for your Vehicle.

Last but not least, you need to know the type of fuel that your vehicle takes. Is it petrol or Diesel? Once you know this at the pump unlike, in Europe, there are pump attendants. Hence it is advisable to always remind them the type of fuel the car takes. If you don’t, sometimes pump attendants are new and they are not familiar with your car.

Hire a car in Uganda

That’s all you need to know before your hire a car in Uganda, and if you need help finding a car in Uganda contact us.

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