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What to do in Gisenyi Rwanda

What to do in Gisenyi City Rwanda 

As we stay in our homes in the bid to cub the Coronavirus, we wonder about our first travel destination after the lockdown. There are many places to visit and Rwanda as a country might be on your bucket list. Whilst visiting Rwanda you might want to combine wildlife with a break along these shores of a fresh water body. Gisenyi is the best spot and below we list a number of activities that you can do while Gisenyi.

Before taking you through the nitty gritty of what to do in Gisenyi, you need to know more about the Place. Located in the district of Rubavu, close to the DR.Congo border is the battling city of Gisenyi. Nestled along Lake Kivu offering the city excellent beach resorts. Gisenyi is also surrounded by a number of tea plantations and the Congo Nile trail offering a great number of activities.  Hence the reasons as to why we opted to list the different activities that you can do in Gisenyi. 

What to do in Gisenyi

Kayaking in Gisenyi1. Kayaking on Lake Kivu, 

Whilst in Gisenyi you can opt to soak up in the peace and quiet of Lake Kivu through Kayaking. A days trip kayaking trip, will offer you a different view of Rwanda’s thousand hills. More so, it allow you to view the bustling fishing communities along the lake . More So, it will allow you vie excellent birdlife as the different birds fly above you as you Kayak. Professional guides are available to take you through this unique and adventurous opportunity. The Scenes and views are excruciating. 

2. Visit Hot springs. 

Located 7kms from Gisenyi city centre towards Kigali are the healing hot water springs of Nyamyumba. There is no scientific explanation of these hot springs yet. But given there location, close to an active volcanos, it is believe that this volcano is responsible for heating up these springs. Watch hot water ooze out of the ground and relax , or top to swim and unwind with a massage from the locals. 

3. Congo Nile trail Trek. 

One of the best hiking trail in Rwanda , the Congo Nile Trail that runs 227 kms of breathing taking views extends all the way to Rusizi. Meandering through hills, banana and tea plantations. The trail can be explored on foot or on a bicycle taking you 8 to 5 days respectively. The Congo Nile trails, takes you through Nyungwe Forest national park the home of other primates in Rwanda. For more information about cycling the Congo Nile trail check out our cycling safaris page. 

4. Go fishing or Visit the Local Fishing Villages

Lake Kivu is the major source of Fresh Fish for Rwanda and thus participating in fishing and learning more about how the locals survive would be a great experience for your to compare. Take a boat cruise and go visit a couple of fishing villages along the shores of Lake Kivu. Learn more about how the fisher men preserve the fish.

Fishing Boats in Gisenyi
Fishing boats on Lake Kivu, Gisenyi, Rwanda

5. Go search for primates in Gishwati- Mukura National Park 

Gishwati-mukura is a newly gazetted national park close to Gisenyi that is home to a number of birds, plenty of primates to include ; chimpanzees and monkeys. You can go for nature walk or a primate walk in these two forests that is Gishwati and mukura from which the name of this new national park was derived.  

6. Nyiragongo volcano.

Far but close is the Nyiragongo activate volcano which can be visited from Gisenyi. Gisenyi is close to D.R.Congo and also the Nyirangongo volcano. A two day hike can be organised to the top of the volcano, so you and have an up and close experience. Professionals are available to guide you up the volcano which is part of a chain of 8 volcanoes that connect, Uganda Rwanda and D.R.Congo. You need at least 

What to do in Gisenyi
Palm beach Resort

7. Relax at the Beach. 

Lake Kivu doesn’t have the long white sand beaches, like in Mombasa however there is enough of beaches to your to chill and relax after your adventure Rwanda Holiday. Relax by the beach and appreciate mother nature at the end of your tour. 

With the above information, you can now opt to spend at least 3 or more nights in Gisenyi. For now that’s all that we have for Gisenyi, however for each and every other day that comes, new activities are introduced. Thus watch the same for more of what to do in Gisenyi. 

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