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Cultural communities to visit near Bwindi

Cultural communities to visit near Bwindi Bwindi impenetrable forest is one of the most visited national parks in Uganda because of gorilla tracking. However, the park is not only home to wildlife, birds and gorillas, but also besides it are…

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Places to Visit in Entebbe Uganda

Places to visit in Entebbe-Uganda Entebbe town is Uganda’s gate away town being the home to the only international airport. Anyone flying to Uganda will obviously go through Entebbe town before they head to the capital or any other wildlife…

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What to do in and around Fortportal Uganda

What to do in and around Fortportal Uganda. Fortportal is a district located in western Uganda that was named after the British fortress. The  Fortress was constructed with the aim of protecting the Tooro kingdom from the guerilla raids of…

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How to plan your Ultimate Uganda Safari

How to plan for the ultimate Uganda safari. Uganda is a diverse country when it comes to tourism and there are quite a number of tourism activities, sites and safaris that you can engage in. Uganda safaris and trips start…

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What is gorilla tracking

All you need to know about gorilla tracking Travellers and tourist all around the world have been advised to include gorilla tracking on their bucket list, however the proceeding question usually is; what is gorilla tracking? This is followed by…

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Bird watching in Uganda

Bird watching in Uganda. Uganda has noticed an increase in numbers of tourists’ but majorly because of gorilla trekking safaris. However little do visitors know that Uganda is a gem when it comes to bird watching safaris. Uganda is truly…

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5 things to do in Kabwoya wildlife reserve

Kabwoya Wildlife reserve Located in western Uganda close to Lake Albert, Kabwoya wildlife reserve is one of the hideends ‘gems’ of the Albertine rift Valley. Kabwoya wildlife reserve is just 300 km away from kampala and can be visited  all…

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Uganda Launches golf safaris

Uganda launches golf safaris. As Uganda advances in its tourism and travel marketing skills. Uganda has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, especially when It comes to wildlife.  However, there are other sections of the tourism industry that…

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Genocide Memorials In Rwanda

Must visit places in Rwanda

Must visit places in Rwanda. Rwanda 20 years after the genocide that disorganized the country, is now stronger economically, socially and politically. Making it a must visit country in Africa. With now the good road networks, easy communication within the…

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