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7 activities to do in Ngamba Island

7 activities to do in Ngamba island

Before digging into the 7 activities to do in Ngamba Island. For those who are not familiar with the island, I would like to give you an insight about Ngamba Island. 

Located within the middle of lake Victoria is Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary currently a home to forty nine orphaned great apes that are rescued across the whole of East Africa. The sanctuary was opened in the year 1998 and it sits on 95 hectares of forest land. Ngamba island is easily accessible and also open to the pubic for day visits, nightlong stays and also voluntourism. Visits to the island may be organised additionally to your Uganda safari holiday and below we have got a number to tourists activities you can do whilst visiting Ngamba island. 

List of tourist activities to do in Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary 

Half Day Chimpanzee Viewing trips. 

Management of the island is under by the chimpanzee trust and therefore they are responsible for a two time supplementary daily feeding of these great apes. This is in the morning hours (9am-12:45pm) and in the afternoon hours (12:45pm -5 pm). It is therefore, based on this that half day chimpanzee viewing activities are organised for the public to watch the chimpanzees as they feed. Watch them fight for fruits and vegetables and so much more. The activity starts with pick up from the main land Entebbe which is 24kms away or forty five minutes speed boat ride away. Then on arrival at the island you’re briefed about the work done, before heading to the raised platform to look at the chimpanzees, feeding.  Bookings can be organised through a tour operator and this would be an excellent activity to do at the beginning of your Uganda gorilla trekking safari. 

Challenge the chimpanzee critical thinking. 

This is an activity that requires you to spend a night on the island. More so, you may be required to immunise against certain diseases. Although a half day activity it is done in the morning and you get to take part in the chimps environment enrichment program that requires you to challenge the chimp’s critical thing abilities ignorer to help them stay physically and mentally healthy. 

Nile Perch- Lake Victoria

Fishing in Lake Victoria 

Sports fishing is one of the activities that you can take on whilst visiting the island. We recommend that you stay at the Ngamba Island camp so as to maximise your fishing day. Fish the famous Nile peach with the island’s UK Certified trained skippers who are very familiar with the lake and the best places go fishing. Whether you choose to fish for half a day or a full or more days, fishing in Lake Victoria near the dome islands, is a bucket list experience. 

Wildlife experience 

Take part in the Nature haven experience for an opportunity to spot otters, mangoes, monitor lizards and plenty of birds. The experience will allow you sit and observe as wildlife comes close to you. In this regard you also learn how they interact with the environment and everything around them. When was the last time, you just sat and watched nature take its course ? This is a great activity to relax your mind and also allows you to get in touch with your inner soul. In addition, you also understand more about birds, and wildlife of the Island. 

Cruise on Lake Victoria at Sunset

The sunset cruise is an extra ordinary activity that I would recommend for those looking to relax.  In addition to watching the sun set on one of the largest fresh water bodies in the world – Lake Victoria. The cruise will also reward you with views of fishermen casting their nets.  You will also visit fishing villages in the neighbouring island. 

Volunteering at the Island. 

Ngamba Island Caretaker- Mr. Alan Mugerwa

Did you know that you can get an opportunity to volunteer at the island? To participate in feeding the chimpanzee, record keeping, cleaning , great ape behavioural observation and plenty of community work. Thereby, contributing not only to the lives and environmental enrichment of the 49 un-parented chimps. More so, to the surrounding communities close to the island. Volunteering takes as long as a week. If you feel like staying long, Ngamba Island management is open to discussion. If you have two weeks in Uganda, you can use one week to volunteer on the island and then the second week, to go visit other parts of the country, each gorilla trekking in Bwindi, wildlife viewing in Murchison falls etc. 

Cultural performances;

Last but not least you can additionally enjoy cultural performances around a bone fire each evening as you’re entertained by the locals from the island. Watch folks, perform, play drums, tell stories and so much more about Uganda and African culture at large.  The best way to learn about people in the community, is by sitting around a fire and being free. 

With the above activities, we are certain that you can get one that you will incorporate in your Uganda holiday or even safari adventure. This is because the island Is located close to the international airport in Uganda. It is worth noting that, during this COVID-19 lockdown, the island, is looking for funding to feed the chimpanzees since there are no visits to the island. We thought we could use our platform to convey the message to well wishers to donate to the island.  With the global lockdowns, there are no more visits to the island and thus limited revenue for Ngamba Island.

However in future when it is safe to travel, you can join some of our short trips like the

1 day Ngamba Island tour or the 3 days Ngamba Island  tour 



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