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Entebbe International Airport

Self checkin booths to be introduced at Entebbe airport.

Self-checkin booths to be introduce at Entebbe airport.

Self checkin booths to be introduced at Entebbe airport; Gemalto together with SCINTL a local partner in Uganda have been contracted by the Uganda government to supply the Border Management System at Entebbe airport. This will also include providing the self-service electronic Kiosks/booths. The success of the electronic visa has inspired government to introduce automated machines. The use of these self-service machines will give travelers more personalized choices and will have more control over what they want. This system will not only benefit travellers visiting Uganda on a safari or business but also airlines as well. Self service booths will also equally improve the overall experience people go through at the airport.

Gemalto’s e-immigration option basically requires fingerprints and facial recognition system. This will be an efficient way to curb on illegal migration as this is a swift and very accurate way of identifying passengers.

Entebbe international airportHistory about this system;

Built on Gemalto visa management system, the system was first used by the internal affairs in the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control department in 2014. According to Uganda’s minister for internal general Jeje Odongo, this is a new step towards modernization; improve security of border management in Uganda.

The self service kiosk have arrived at the right time when Entebbe Airport is undergoing extensive renovations. Construction at Entebbe airport is ongoing to modernise the airport to handle many travellers. This is due to the fact that the airport expects an increase in travellers from 1.5million to so much h more.

With the re-introduction of Uganda airlines later this year, this system will be very beneficial. This is because it will be able to handle the increased numbers of travellers. More so, it will reduce on the increasing terrorism threats across borders. It will also wipe out illegal migration and stop various organized crimes.

Installation of this system is expected to be complete by the year 2019. Passengers will surely enjoy the swiftness of the new system. Authorities too will be able to get information about travelers they have been missing.

About Gemalto;

The contracting company, Gemalto is a technology partner of directorate of citizenship and immigration control. The current visa management system(VMS) does combine the applications process and processing as well as issuance for the pre-paid visas. This also includes the permits and an online portal. There are also biometric enrolment services.

Working together with Gemalto, SCINTL will be responsible for providing the required local support. They will do the supply and installation of the system as well as the maintenance. Gemalto is one of the world’s leading digital security agency. Therefore  Uganda expects an excellent job from them. Gemalto has teamed up with IER which is leading mobile devices supplier.  IER also provides various self-service machines used by big transport networks around the world. IER is a part of a French transportation company called Bolloré Group. Bollore group together with IER came up with IER Fly to Gate. This is an end-to-end auto-service experience that ensures the smooth flow of goods as well as people.

The use of auto-machines will reduce on the amount of time wasted waiting in the queues. Furthermore they will reduce on the cases of baggage drop. There are so many airports across this world that are using this automated system for border control. These system have proved to be efficient hence the reason why Uganda has adopted it.  .

Uganda being one of the most welcoming country in the world, this system will allow many people to come into the country for business, pleasure or  Uganda safari. Fly through Entebbe airport to enjoy one of the fastest checkin process in the near future.


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