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Amabere Ganyinamwiru

Amabere Ganyina Mwiru

Ambere ganyina mwiru is cultural site found in Western Uganda Fort portal town.  It is one of the most amazing tourism sites in the area and the stories behind it’s name and meaning give you an insight into the beliefs and cultures of the first inhabitants of this region. Amabere ganyina mwiru can be visted whilst visit Queen Elizabeth national park or Semliki Wildlife reserve and  Kibale national park.

Basically amabera ganyina mwiru can be described as a cave with walls made of rocks that produce milk like stuff  thus the name Mabere ganyina mwiru which translates to the breasts of Nyina Mwiru

This cave is almost filled with stalactites growing downwards from it’s ceiling. Therefore hanging in space while stalagmites growing up wards from its floor.  The existence of these features comes with a lot of cultural stories and since it is nestled somewhere in a small forest with amazing waterfalls, the place looks amazing.  The existence of the waterfalls makes the place looks a lot more magnificent and you have to walk below the falls to get to the caves.

Visiting the Amabere ganyina mwiru.

A guided visit will provide you with an insight in the scientific and cultural beliefs of the site.   According to the local people, the existence of these stalagmites and stalactites follows an incident where an ancient king of the Batembuzi dynasty ( King Bukuku) chopped off one of his daughters-Nyina Mwiru’s breast and threw them inside those caves.

More so, the king’s actions where instigated by the belief that his daughter would give birth to a son named Ndahura and he would kill the King. In order to take over the throne.  The king’s actions were all in an attempt to prevent his daughter from ever giving birth.  Locals say that this prophecy actually came to pass.

The Theory

In addition, it is believed that the ancient King, also believed to be a demi-god to his subjects would often disappear underground. His daughter on the other hand was a charming person with  a strong personality who wouldn’t take un reasonable orders. When she refused to marry the man her father wanted the father was angry.  According to legends, her father ordered for her breasts to be cut off and thrown in the caves.  Without breasts, she would never get a man of her choice neither be able to nurse a child.  Some people strongly believe that the milky liquid is actually breast milk coming out of Nyina Mwiru’s breast.

There is however a scientific explanation which is really simple. There is a massive growth of Stalactites within the cave and these contain a lot of Calcium carbonate.  When the calcium carbonate is mixed with the water oozing out of the ground, it forms a milk like substance which the locals call breast milk and it starts dripping down. The continuous dripping of the milk like substance leads to the forming of the Stalagmites. If you’re interested in visiting this place, you can any time of the day.

Attractions/ Activities

More to  the Amabere ganyina Mwiru , there are other attractions sites that you can visit in fort portal. From the cave, you can hike up to the Nyakasura hill and visit the crater lakes region in Fort portal. Alternatively, you can go for a community visit, visit the neighboring local communities. This gives you a chance to interact with the local people and learn more about their cultures as well.

This is one of those interesting cultural tours you can do while in the region.

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