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Our safari driver will be ready to welcome you and transfer you to your hotel in Kampala. You will have a city tour where you will visit the Nagalabi coronation site, the Mengo Buganda palace, visit some religious places like Rubaga cathedral fro Catholics, Gaddafi Mosque for the Muslims, Namirembe cathedral for the protestants and the Bahai temple for the Bahai worshipers. Return to your accommodation for your welcome dinner and overnight at:

Luxury accommodation: Serena hotel/ Sheraton hotel/Imperial Royale hotel

Mid range accommodation: Cassia lodge / Hotel Africana/Hotel Triangle

Budget accommodation: Namirembe guest house/Holiday express Hotel


Rise up early in the morning and drive to eastwards to Jinja. Enroute, you will visit the mysterious Bujjagali falls which is the dwelling place for the Buganda spirits. Listen to the great history behind these thought to be born twin Rivers. Continue for passing through the luxuriant Mabira natural forest. Spot some interesting monkeys as they jump from tree to tree in excitement. There are also a variety of birds present. Tour the source of the Nile on a boat, see its actual originality where the Nile separates from great Lake Victoria. Continue to Bujjagali falls where you will take part in White water rafting adventure. You may also opt to do quad biking or try the adrenaline stimulating bungee jumping. Return to Kampala for dinner and overnight.


Rise up early in the morning and head to Murchison fall national park. You will pass via the Luwero triangle where the remains of the 1980s NRM war still exist. On the way, you will stop at the Ziiwa Rhino sanctuary the home of the rehabilitated Rhinos. Carry on to Murchison falls and hike to the top of the falls. See the spectacular Nile as it squeezes itself into the narrow gorge and bursts out in a thunderous sound. Check in and wait for dinner and overnight at:

Luxury accommodation: Paraa safari lodge/ Nile safari camp/ Chobe safari lodge

Mid range accommodation: Sambiya river lodge

Budget accommodation: Red chillis lodge/ Kaniyo pabidi camp/ Sambiya lodge bandas


Get up early for a marvelous game drive where you will have the chance of seeing interesting wild animals like elephants, giraffes, oribi, warthog s, hippos, buffalos, hartebeest, birds of all types the list is endless. The park is also a home to several predators like lions, leopards, hyenas that you may not miss out during your journey. Return to the lodge for a mid morning breakfast and lunch later. After a hearty lunch, move down for an interesting launch cruise on the Nile. Get to see birds like the ancient dying out shoe bill, yellow footed fly catcher, ituri batis, white thighed hornbill and other interesting birds. You will have time to see the elephants, buffalos, giraffes at a closer proximity. Take there photographs too. Return to your booked lodge for dinner and overnight.


After the memorable trip in Murchison falls, head to Kibale national park. The drive is quite long and may take 6 to 8 hours. Check in at your booked accommodation at :

Luxurious Ndali Lodge/ Primates Lodge

Mid range Rwenzori View Guest House/Mountains of the moon Fort Portal/ Chimps nest lodge

Budget Kanyankyu Ecological Bandas (FB


Early in the morning, carry your trekking gears and move to the ranger station. You will be briefed about your next expedition. Move into the forest for an interesting search for the great apes. You will be entertained by the hymns from different birds that are found in the forest. Monkeys and baboon are also present and they keep jumping from one tree to the other. You will hear the Chimp call out to each other paying no attention to who might be listening. When you get to these human cousins, watch them as they feed there young ones and others are playing from the tree branches. Return to the lodge for lunch and in case you are not so tired, take a walk to the community especially those in Bigodi.  Return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.


Having had a very interesting chimpanzee walk, drive to Queen Elizabeth national park. You will have a game drive on arrival. You will have the chance of seeing the warthogs, elephants, families of Kobs in there mating grounds, bush bucks, water bucks and so many other interesting animals. Check in at your booked accommodation:

Luxury accommodation: Mweya safari lodge/Jacana lodge

Mid range accommodation: Ihamba safari lodge/Albertine camp

Budge accommodation: Mweya hostels/Simba safari camp


Wake up early in the morning and drive through the park. You will get to see the early risers returning to there hideouts and others rising from where they spent there night. You will have a chance to see more animals like elephants; families of Kobs in there mating grounds, bush bucks, water bucks, and herds of buffalos, giant forest hogs, predators like lions, leopards, and hyenas may cross your site if you are lucky enough. After lunch, drive to kyambura gorge the home of the chimpanzees. You will be briefed about your next expedition and then continue and search for the Chimpanzees. You will notice there presence from the noise they make even before seeing them. Spend the evening time with them watch them as they make there nests to sleep. Return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.


Following that interesting adventure, wake up and prepare to move to the land of the great gorillas. You will pass via the Ishasha sector which is famous for habouring the tree climbing lions. In case you missed one during the game drive, this may be a chance to spot at least one. Continue until you reach Bwindi.. Check in and have your dinner and overnight at:

Super Rustic Luxury accommodation: Gorilla Forest Camp/ Clouds lodge/ Bwindi safari Lodge / Gahinga

Mid range accommodation: Lake Kitandara camp/Gorilla Forest Camp

Budget accommodation: Buhoma Community bandas / Bwindi View bandas / Nkuringo campsite tents / Virunga Hotel /Nkuringo safari centre


Early in the morning, take your warm breakfast to give you energy to carry one in the day’s expedition. Move to the ranger station with your tacking gears and packed food. You will be briefed and later lead to the thick luxuriant rain forest. On the way, you will meet monkeys, baboons birds if different species and several other interesting natural creatures in there habitat. You are advised to wear hiking boots and long trousers because the forest is always damp and there are beetles that may sting you. Carry on with the search but it is up predictable when you are to meet the gorillas. This is because they are always in motion and they keep on moving to look for food. You may take about 2 to 8 hours. When you get to meet them, the joy of finding them over shadows the fatigue. Spend an hour with them taking there photographs and watching them feed there little ones. Return to the lodge and relax or you may go for a community walk in the Batwa land. You will be entertained by the local Batwa pygmies and then return for dinner and overnight at the lodge of your choice.


Having had the fun in Uganda’s parks, cross to the land of a thousand hills. You will get to Parc National Des Volcans. You should note that this is quite along drive, dinner and overnight at

Luxury: Volcanoes Virunga Lodge/ sabinyo silver back lodge.

Standard: Mountain gorilla view lodge/ Mountain Gorilla Nest Lodge/ Hotel Gorillas in Kinigi

Budget: Kinigi guest house/ Hotel Muhabura


Rise up early in the morning for an interesting Gorilla trekking expedition. Carrying your tracking gears, head to the ORTPN to have a briefing about the proceeding adventure. Move into the forest to search for the gentle eyed apes that normally find refugee on the mountain slopes. Carry on with your search for the few left Giant primates- The Legendary Mountain Gorillas in Africa !   The trek is strenuous and the time taken to encounter the gorillas is surely erratic but it is an exciting experience on meeting the gorillas. Meeting them will depend on there movement and the proximity of their food in the forest. Though it may be along walk you will forget about the fatigue when you meet these gentle eyed dying out apes.  Spend an hour with them taking there photo graphs and watching them interact with each other. Return to the lodge and relax as you wait for dinner and overnight at your budgeted


Rise up early in the morning, take your breakfast and head for Golden Monkey trekking. The Golden monkey is scientifically known as Cercopithecus mitis kandti is a subspecies of blue monkey found only in the bamboo forests of the volcanic mountain chain which   makes a part of the boundary between Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Golden monkey trek is an experience that one compares to gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda or Congo. Small but great-the golden monkey weighs  about 10-25 pounds and has a golden body, cheeks and tail  and has complementary black limbs, crown and tail-end. Miniature is presently known about the environmental requirements of the golden monkey, and the subspecies populaces have never been determined.  Living in the supercilious montane Virungas forests with its great ape relatives, this primate faces some of the same threats as gorillas, including snares set for small antelopes, human encroachment and people entering their habitat to collect wood. Start the trek by penetrating the dense stands of bamboo scattered with open glades, with the guidance of ranger guides, you will make your  way deep into golden monkey territory and  habitat of groups of ‘habituated’ golden monkeys – monkeys that have turned into being familiar to human presence and will be seen. Although viewing is classically kept to a maximum of one hour, tourists can get an up-close look at the golden monkey in its natural habitat. Adult monkeys cavort in plain view, feeding on bamboo leaves and leaping from branch to branch. Females drug their young ones, completely comfortable among onlookers. 2 families of golden monkeys have been habituated – one in Volcanoes National Park and the other in Mgahinga National Park. At the moment, you have a chance of seeing these frightened apes in their natural habitat. In case there is ample time, visit the local community. Alternatively, you may head for the Dian Fossey trek. It is a site where the remains of the Gorilla Heroin were buried listen to her touching but interesting story. Dinner and overnight at the previous lodge


Following the exciting trans-border tour, get ready for your flight at Kigali Airport.