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Join our 1 day Rwenzori trekking safari. This 1 day Rwenzori hike, takes you all the way up to Nyamwamba for excellent views of the Beautiful forest. Along the way you get to see  primates including monkeys and baboons.  The 1 day Rwenzori trekking  is perfect for those visiting Queen Elizabeth National park or Bwindi National park and have an extra day to spare in addition to their 3 days Queen Elizabeth safari or 3 days gorilla safari respectively.

1 Day Rwenzori trekking Safari

Day 1: Hiking Rwenzori for one day.

This one day nature walk, or Rwenzori hike takes place along the Kilembe route. This one day Rwenzori trekking safari starts at your hotel which is 1,450 metres above sea level.

The trek will take you through montane forest with thick trees with a variety of primates and various bird species. Climbing up a steep ridge below omusita rest spot where you will join the trail trekking down from Samalira at 2373m highest walking point. You will climb a few kilometers crossing many small streams and rivers and within a few meters a head to the birding trail, you will see bush pigs digging roots and grubs along the way.

The trails continues to the top of Nyamwamba where you get to see the beautiful forests along the river and a small trail at the edge of the river where you can walk and look water birds. You will see chimp nests that are made of branches and twigs up in the tallest trees. You may also see white and black colobus monkey as they swing along the trees looking for trees bearing fruits and you may as well see the blue monkeys. The plant species, the thick forest and environment is worth the effort to experience. Later you will descend the mountain and return to the starting point. End of 1 days Rwenzori trekking safari.


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