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11 days birding expedition

Day 1: Arrival at Kigali Airport

You will be received by the company representative who will give a short briefing about the tour before transferring you to the hotel. Your birding adventure will start right away as you drive to the hotel, you will be able to see different birds preparing you for what’s yet to come.

Day 2 Transfer to Akagera National Park

You will drive to Akagera national park which is an open savannah. The  park is Rwanda’s hot Birding spot in the savannah relatively open grassland and Papyrus swamps, In eastern Rwanda, The acacia savanna supports many broadly distributed African birds such as Bennett’s Woodpecker, headed Black Chat, White-Black-collared Barbet, Tabora Cisticola and Miombo Wren-warbler and its likely to be the best  place from where you can find the rare Ring-necked Francolin. The highly localized acacia specialist Red-faced Barbet can be sought around the Akagera Game Lodge grounds.

Day 3: birding

After breakfast, enjoy Bird watching in the whole day in the park. You will have a picnic lunch and later return to the lodge. Expect African birds like the Bennett’s Woodpecker, headed Black Chat, White-Black-collared Barbet, Tabora Cisticola and Miombo Wren-warbler. Also worth looking for are Barefaced Go-away Bird, Brown Parrot, White-winged Black Tit and Sooty Chat. One of Africa’s most sought-after birds, the enormous and bizarre Shoebill, may be present in the Papyrus swamp habitat. Other Papyrus swamp specialists include; the Swamp Flycatcher, Carruther’s Cisticola, the elusive White-winged Warbler, and the stunning Papyrus Gonolek. You will drive to the Nyungwe later on in the day where you will spend your night and also have you dinner may be at Nyungwe forest lodge, Gisakura Guest House.

Day 4: Birding in Nyungwe National Park

This park is Rwanda’s best birding shelter with about 13 species of resident Primate. It is a beautiful and ancient tropical evergreen forest with variety of birds thus making it one of the best places for the birders. There are birds like the Rwenzori Turaco, Handsome Francolin, Mountain Black Boubou, Ruwenzori Batis, Yellow-eyed Black Flycatcher, Archer’s Robin-chat, the rare Grauer’s Rush Warbler, Red-faced Woodland Warbler, Neumann’s Warbler, the Purple-throated, Blue-headed and the stunning Regal Sunbird. Stripe-breasted Tit and Strange Weaver can also be seen. Nyungwe Forest is now the only site in which the sought-after Red-collared Mountain Babbler are found. You will have packed lunch but your dinner will be at the lodge when you get back.

Day 5: Chimp tracking.

You will have your breakfast very early in the morning then report for briefing about Chimpanzee tracking. You will be assigned arranger to guide you on your search for the chimpanzee; you will also see several smaller primates in the morning and continue exploring the montane Forest. You will have enough time to see different tree species, other primates, and birds too before you can have your lunch in the afternoon. That forest is a home to humankind’s closest living relative which is the chimpanzee, as well as the handsome L’Hoest’s monkey plus hundred-strong troops of the delightfully acrobatic Angola colobus.

Day 6: Drive to Parc national des volcans

After breakfast, drive through market town of Ruhengeri which has a memorable setting at the foot hills of the Virunga. Parc national des volcans is in the far northwest of Rwanda, a home to Mountain Gorillas, Golden Monkeys that have been recently habituated as well as over 180-bird species in this park. Well placed in the Virunga volcano chain, the terrain consists mainly of steep volcanic slopes. Below 2,500m, much of the Afro-montane forest has been cleared for agriculture. . Higher up, there is moorland, marsh and grassland with Giant Lobelias a prominent feature in places. Midst 2,500m and 3,500m, the habitat mainly consists of dense bamboo stands and Hagenia woods. Resident birds with many of the Albertine Rift Endemics, such as the Handsome Francolin, the highly sought-after and spectacular, ‘painted’ Rwenzori Turaco; Archer’s Robin-chat and both Dusky and Shelley’s Crimson wings. Full board at Gorilla Nest Hotel.

Day 7: Parc National des Vulcan’s; Gorilla tracking and birding

This morning after an early breakfast, visit the most thrilling experience in Rwanda, gorilla tracking and later in the day, we shall follow an exhilarating trek through the cultivated foothills of the Virunga for stirring views in all directions. You will be immersed in the mysterious intimacy of the rainforest, which is alive with the calls of colorful birds and chattering of the rare golden monkeys, and littered with fresh spoor of the mountains’ elusive populations of Buffalo and Elephant. Through gaps in the forest canopy, the magnificent peaks are glimpsed, easily accessible and among the highest in Africa, beckoning an ascent.

Day 8: Parc national des Vulcan’s

After Breakfast, resume enjoy your last day of birding in Rwanda as you drive back to Kigali in the evening for the overnight stay. Full board at Mille Collines Hotel.

Day 10 End of Safari / Departure

After breakfast you will depart for Kigali were you will take your on wards flight home