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Ngamba Island Chimps

1 Day Ngamba Island visit - Chimpanzee viewing Safari

On this 1 Day  Ngamba Island visit will take you to the chimpanzee sanctuary to see the orphaned chimpanzees on the island, a success story of conservation. we pick you up from your hotel in Kampala or Entebbe.  And therefore transfer you to the landing site of Lake Victoria in Entebbe.  

Tour Highlights

  • Day 1: Transfer to Island – Chimpanzee Sanctuary  – Entebbe Visit

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Island – Chimpanzee Sanctuary  – Entebbe Visit

At 8am you get a briefing before boarding the boat. The boat will depart the landing pier to transfer to the Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary in Lake Victoria. The voyage will last 45 minutes on a speed boat arriving at 8:45am or 9am. 

Once you make it to the island, you’ill be briefed about the history of the island what to expect and additional advise about a number of safety measures. Chimpanzees are like humans and they love coming close to humans and sometimes they engage in fights. Chimpanzees are considered to have  98.7% of human genes and primates in general are closer to humans. A number of these different primate include; monkeys, baboons, mountains gorillas so far more.  

Management of island.

The Island is managed by the Chimpanzee sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust, that is responsible for fundraising and also taking care of the orphaned chimpanzees. 

1 Day Chimpanzee viewing Ngamba Island continued

After the briefing, we head to a raised platform to see and view the chimpanzees feed, play and also act. Well they do love to show off sometimes, to earn a fruit or vegetables especially the younger ones. They also love clapping after receiving the food as a way of thanking the service providers. Enjoy the feeding for one hour and then spend a few hours relaxing at the island, appreciating nature. Watching birds for bird lovers, before the speed boat returns to pick you up to transfer back to Entebbe. 

On arrival to Entebbe you’ill go have lunch at a hotel, and then go for a nature walk to the Botanical gardens. Go for a nature walk, trying to find birds and butterflies and then later proceed to the Uganda wildlife education centre to visit the former Uganda Zoo. 

Later on you’ll be able to rebuff to your hotel in Kampala or Entebbe . End of 1 Day Chimpanzee viewing Ngamba Island trip. 

What is included in the 1 day chimpanzee viewing Ngamba island tour

1. Boat ride fees

2. Chimpanzee viewing fees

3. Birding 

4. Visit to the Uganda wildlife education centre, 

5. Nature walk in the Botanical gardens

6. Lunch 

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