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1 Day Kigali City Tour and Safari

Kigali is the largest and also the capital city of Rwanda. Located in the centre of Rwanda, Kigali hosts all the major government offices and the main residences. The city is readily accessible and also home to the only international airport. Therefore a 1 day Kigali city tour, would be worthy to explore the capital of the the land of 1000 hills- Rwanda. The city tour can be organised on a private basis or you can join an existing group. This trip can be organised before or after your Rwanda safari Holiday.

1 day Kigali City Tour. 

1 Day Kigali City TourOur day today starts at 8:30am, ad we take you to visit the genocide memorial in Kigali, where you will learn more about the whole history of the genocide that started in April 1994. The genocide memorial centre offers, an in-depth about what transpired, the items used to massacre people during the genocide. Skeletal remind and so muchTour guides are available who are also survivors of the genocide. Later after visiting the genocide, you will go visit the craft centre in Caplaki Rugunga, buy some souvenirs and also learn more about how these crafts are made. 

In the afternoon, visit the presidential palace, to learn more about Habyarimana and also about the history of Rwanda as a country.  Later you will go visit a milk Bar. In Rwanda cows are very important  as they symbolise identity , prosperity and wealth.  So fresh milk, is an important aspect in the Rwanda culture and thus the reason s to why one created a milk bar, were you can go and have a taste of Fresh Milk. The Kuruhimbi Milk Bar is a popular place to visit.  

Rwanda Night Life is also worth exploring for those interested in clubbing. Go club hoping and visit some of the most happening  in the city of hills.

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