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Mihingo Lodge 

Mihingo lodge is one of the best lodges in Lake Mburo national park. It is a luxurious privately owned lodge strategically located with excellent views of Lake Mburo national park. The lodge is set on rocky ground of a rocky kopje which is more than 500 million years old. Mihingo lodge stands firm and beautiful with amazing views of the lower levels of the park. From the lodge, you can have an amazing endless view of this stunning savannah landscape.  It is an ecofriendly lodge built using what was locally available materials. In order to blend  in with the natural surroundings and so this touch helps you feel comfortable and relaxed each time.


Mihingo Lodge Mihingo has got 12 luxury tents which are privately set apart from one another. Each room has got unique feature where by some of them are built overlooking the lake. Worth noting is that others are set in forest, some are built high up on giant rocky grounds and other are down the hill overlooking the  waterhole where animals go to drink water. Therefore providing an opportunity, to see animals from your room.

Mihingo Lodge The rooms have either double beds or twin beds and so can be shared by two people who want to share a room. All rooms are spacious enough to accommodate two travellers. They all have en-suite bathrooms, a wall shower, hot and cold water running full time and a flushing toilet. To complement the environment, these rooms have got very unique door frames which are pieces of olive wood and lighting is provided by using the solar panel system.

Mihingo Lodge rooms with a view of the waterhole were built in the grassy plain and so very close to the water. They are more privately located since they are located the furthest from the main lodge but closer to wildlife. From your balcony, you can expect to see so many different types of antelopes like bush bucks, there are warthogs, Zebras, buffaloes, Uganda kobs and many other when they come to the water hole.

They are all well lite, spacious and airy with the most comfortable beddings ever. Making you feel like, you found a home out in the wilderness.

What to do while at Mihingo lodge.

Who doesn’t need a swim after a long game drive in the park? Mihingo lodge has a swimming pool  overlooking the tropical savannah park- Lake Mburo national park. At Mihingo lodge swimming pool  overlooks a deep valley. This valley is home to a great number of wildlife because it is a water catchment area. Watch  animals like  buffalo, water bucks, eland, bushbucks, impala, warthogs, zebras and others are often seen especially around the water hole. And on the other side, you might get a chance and see the beautiful Klipspringers.

While you can see so much from the lodge, there are some you have to look for if you want to see them. Leopards for example, are not commonly spotted around the lodge. A night game drive is highly recommend ignorer to spot them.  Lake Mburo is known to have a quite a number of leopards and this is one of the few parks where night game drives are organized.

Aside from the common activities, Mihingo lodge offers unique adventure safaris. They offer daytime and night horseback riding adventures inside a national park. Horses can go places like uphill and through swamps that you wouldn’t reach in a car.

After a long day, you can relax by the pool side, as you enjoy the sunset.

Biking in Lake Mburo National park from Mihingo lodge. Room rates are set depending on the type of room

Double rooms-$300 per person per night

Twin rooms-$260 per person per night

Single rooms- $350 per night

Additional bed in a twin-$130 per night.

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