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The park was gazette in 1934 is under the management of both the African parks and the Rwanda development board through their Akagera management company. The park gets the name from the Akagera River that flow at its eastern boarder into Lake Ihema


Location and Access.

Akagera national park is found in the northeastern part of Rwanda close to the boarder with Tanzania.


Tourists’ activities in Akagera NP

The park is composed of scattered grassland, swamps around the lakes’ region and the places where the river meanders. There are wonderful sceneries as there are rolling hills covered with Acacia as well as brachystegia woodlands.  When you visit the park, you can get involved in activities like the


  1. Game safari

Which involves driving through the park as you search for the different wildlife found in the park. You can expect to see animals like the zebras, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, the diminutive oribi, the handsome Chestnut Coated impala, the shy bushbuck, buffalo, a leopard, a warthog, a spotted hyena and if you are lucky, you may also see the some lions wondering around.

  1. Bird watching

For the bird watchers, you will enjoy a birding safari because this park is a home to about 525 bird species like the eagles, the papyrus gonolek, Falco naumanni, the gallinago, Lanius souzae and you may even see the rare shoe bill stork, among others. During the birding exercise, you can expect more than just the birds as they you see animals and vegetation cover.

  1. Boat ride

Boat ride is done on Lake Ihema and during the ride, you can expect to see the aquatic animals like Hippos, crocodiles, the water birds and some animals on the shores along to take water.

The major accommodation facilities in this park is the Akagera game lodge with others outside the park like Dereva hotel