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7 days Uganda agricultural tour.

Looking to learn more about Uganda’s agriculture? Our 7 days Uganda agricultural  tour is the perfect safari experience for you. Learn about beverages like tea, vanilla. More so, you will learn about raring cows, milking cows and making butter . You will also visit a banana plantation to learn about the most consumed food in Uganda. The trip is informative and gives you an opportunity to learn in detail about agriculture in Uganda.

Day 1: Arrive Uganda Entebbe.

 On arrival at the airport, you will be picked up by our company representative who will transfer you to your hotel in Entebbe of Kampala.  Overnight at Central Inn Entebbe or Holiday express hotel Kampala.

7 days agricultural tour Uganda Day 2:  Transfer to Fort-portal. / Visit the vanilla farm.

In the morning at 7am, after breakfast, you will drive to transfer to Fort-portal. The drive will take 5 hours arriving in time for lunch, have lunch and then in the afternoon, go visit the Ndali Vanilla farm to learn more about vanilla growing and also processing to get the vanillin extract that we use in our products.  Overnight at

Budget – Rwenzori view guest house

Moderate – Mountains of the moon Hotel

Luxury – Ndali Lodge.

Day 3: Spend the day at Kahangi tea estate.

In the morning after breakfast, with packed lunch you will transfer to Kahangi tea estates, and participate in the morning harvest. Proceed to the processing plant and learn how tea makes it to your table. Later in the afternoon, you will go visit a local farm to learn more about agriculture in Fort-portal. Overnight at previous hotel.

Day 4: Transfer to Mbarara / Visit Farm in Ntungu Village.

In the morning right after breakfast, at 7am, you will drive to drive to Mbrarara to go learn more about the tradition ways of farming that the in-habitats of this hilly region use. Arrive in the late morning hours . Check into your hotel to have lunch and then later go visit Ntungu Village farm. Learn more about banana juice making and extra of butter from milk this after. You ca also participate on milking cows before you retire to your lodge. Later you will return to you rhotel. Overnight a

Budget – Agip motel Mbarara.

Moderate – Lake View resort.

Day 5: Visit the plantation farm of bananas,

Learn more about plantation farming of one of the most consumed foods in Uganda – Bananas. Green bananas are loved by many Ugandan and it is a staple food of every house hold.  Learn more about how the plantation is catered for to ensure consistent production of green bananas.  Later in the afternoon you can learn more about fruits, like pineapples, mangoes and so much more.

Day 6: Apiculture day.

The day will be spent learning more about the famous pollinating agents the bees- learn how hives are managed, how honey is harvest and also how other products like propolis, bee venom, bee wax and so much more after extracted. In the afternoon, you will learn about animal husbandry and how to cater for cows, including making of bi-products like Eshabwe- ( Ugandan Mayonnaise). Overnight at your previous hotel

Day 7: Transfer back to Kampala.

In the morning right after breakfast, you will drive to transfer back to Kampala. The drive will take six hours arriving in the afternoon. Drive to proceed to the airport to catch your onward flight.


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