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Mountain Hiking.

Mountain hiking; Africa has a number of mountains and volcanoes that are worth hiking and the highest mountain in Africa is found in Tanzania. We organise trips to take you to hike, some of the oldest calderas in the world and also some of the most active volcanoes on the Africa continent. Our African trips take you to explore mountains like Kilimanjaro, Rwenzori, Sabyinyo, Elgon,and Nyirangongo.

Mountain hiking adventure holidays in East Africa offers you a lot and to hike all the mountains in East Africa, you might need a month or two.

We arrange tailor-made private trips to hike these mountains ranging from 1 day trips consequently to as many days as a 9 days Magherita peak Hike. 

Sample mountain Hiking Trips.

2 Days Mt Bisoke Hike

2 days Mt Bisoke Hike

Hike Bisoke for a half day, and the other day and hours during this trip are used for transfers from Kigali to Volcanoes park.

3 days Rwenzori Hike

Spend the whole on the foothills of the Mountains of the moon- Rwenzori.
Mountain Hiking

4 days Rwenzori Hike

Hike Uganda's Mountains of the moon- the Rwenzori Mountains for 4 days.

5 days Mt Elgon Hike

Hike Mt Elgon -one of the oldest caldera in the world.

6 Days Days Mt Elgon Hike

Explore Mt Elgon national park during our 6 days Mountain Hiking adventure.
Mountain Hiking.

6 days Rwenzori Mountain Hiking

The trip takes you to hike Rwenzori uptown Wiessemans' Peak.

Mountain Hiking on a Bike

Hike mt Elgon on a Bike and be able to explore the diverse habitats of this Mountain.

9 Days Mt Rwenzori Hike –

Hike to Uganda's Highest point which is Magherita peak, that stands tall at 4,485m above see level.

What to carry for a Mountain Hiking Trip.

If you are hiking a mountain for more than a day, we recommend that you carry the following items for your trip.

  • A Rain Coat
  • Warm Clothing
  • Rubber Boats
  • A sleeping bag
  • Gloves
  • Personal Items
  • Bottled drinking water.

Items like climbing ropes, harnesses with carabinas and crampons are usually provided at no extra charge.  Porters are available to carry luggage to a maximum of 15 kgs per porter and if you have extra luggage you might need to take 2 porters or more.

Food is always provided and catered for up the mountain and therefore there is no need to worry. If by any chance you do not have any of these items for which ever reason. There are companies at the starting point who hire out some of these items, hence you will not miss your trek. For more information about mountain hiking or if you wish to hike some mountains contact us.

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