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Luxury Hotels and Lodges in Uganda

There are are number of luxury hotels and lodges in Uganda ranging from 4 to 5 star hotels in all National parks and major towns. Like any other place, or country in the world there are luxury hotels and lodges , set up in almost all the different districts, towns, national, parks, wildlife and nature reserves. Where people can stay whilst visiting these places, for work, pleasure or on holiday.  Cities usually have all kinds of hotels, whereas places, that are remote, ten to have few hotels.   Most of the tourists’ destinations, like national parks, gorilla and wildlife parks, have lodges, and facilities, to accommodate the adventurous campers, those on a budget, and those on standard or call it midrange and those on high end. Below we have listed the luxury hotels and lodges, in Uganda according to destinations and tourists sites.

Luxury hotels and lodges in Uganda. Luxury Hotels in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

These range from 4 to 5 star lodges, which are mostly boutique hotels/lodges. The Luxury hotels in Bwindi have the different amenities ranging from spas, swimming pools for some and deluxe /luxury rooms.  Gorilla tracking is done majorly in two sections, that is main Bwindi and southern Bwindi. So the gorilla tracking permits you find at the time of booking determine the lodge you will stay at. The other lodge where you can stay and also trek gorillas is Mgahinga national park. Please find below the list of luxury lodges in Bwindi impenetrable forest.

Luxury Hotels in Kibale Forest National park.

Kibale National Park is the home to the largest number of primates, to include chimpanzees, bush bucks, black and white colobus monkeys. It is known to have 13 different species of primates.  Most people travel to Kibale national park to trek chimpanzees, and private investors, have built a number of luxury lodges in Kibale forest national park. Given the fact that the park is forested, all luxury lodges in Kibale are located outside the park. Some are minutes away others are 1 hour away.

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